Paris older car ban: classic cars today exempt

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Source : Paris older car ban: classic cars today exempt



Parisian emissions restrictions will gradually become more stringent until 2020

brand new restrictions aimed at reducing pollution vehicles registered will ban levels before 1997, yet the classic more than 30 years will be exempt

Paris ban on vehicles registered before 1997 through the city of 8:00 to 20:00 on weekdays, yet the recording classic cars 30 years or more will be allowed before driving.

will be set to rule which applies as of July 1, the idea will be required to affect about 10% of the cars from the city.

How are additional cities handle harmful pollution through cars?

According to media reports, the French, these restrictions become tighter gradually over the rest of This kind of decade until 2020, when the only private vehicles for driving allowed from the center of Paris will be registered cars after 2011 in addition to motorcycles registered after July 2015.

according to one report, the newspaper quoted Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo as saying which while the old diesel cars dirtier, “to ensure the filters from the latest designs can not get rid of fine particles more dangerous.”

The newspaper quoted one of the campaign group supporting the driver of the largest possible number saying “can scrapped three million cars” Over the next several years.

These moves, however, could give a boost to the domestic auto industry in France, especially if additional French cities copy a chart Paris. The French government has already proposed could offer incentives of up to € 10,000 (about £ 7435) to get the owners of vehicles which run the old diesel to switch to electric cars, such as Renault Zoe .

any brand new clunkers scheme, or low-interest loans aimed at getting the drivers of old cars, would likely also give a boost to the designs with brand new engines turbo gasoline modest capacity; Peugeot , Citroen in addition to Renault in addition to all gasoline engines, such as those recently launched.


Berlin, the first city to act against polluting old cars, banning them through the city center about several years ago.

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Source: Paris older car ban: classic cars today exempt

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