Pagani Huayra Pacchetto Tempesta pack adds £126k to cost

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Source : Pagani Huayra Pacchetto Tempesta pack adds £126k to cost

Pagani Huayra Pacchetto Tempesta package that will focuses on the track adds several light weight along with aerodynamics of the Pagani Huayra, take the cost above 800K £


Pagani progress Huayra completely new owners militants package, called Pacchetto Tempesta of which will cost yet another $ 0,000 € (£ 126,000) in addition to local taxes, just shy of the asking cost the completely new Honda NSX . With the value-added tax, that will is actually likely that will customers inside the UK costs more than £ 150,000 package.

revealed at the Geneva Motor Show earlier This kind of year, along with the limited term Huayra BC , the package will bring the automobile’s cost up to over £ 800,000.

current owners can retrofit Huayra Huayra with the package, which adds aerodynamic upgrades, including large rear diffuser along with front splitter, as well as the disc’s undertray of the automobile. Also included is actually an exclusive set of wheels.

Huayra along with the 6.0-liter, twin turbo V12 made for Pagani by AMG has not changed, so the output of 730bhp along with 738 lb-ft of torque remain the same.

did not reveal

Pagani if ​​the change 3.2sec 0-62mph enemy or 230mph top speed of the automobile, despite the fact that will reports indicate that will some of the components, including a revised suspension set up along with the exhaust system of titanium, save weight on the Huayra standard.


aerodynamic additions to refine along with package Huayra to use the path, although the details are still slim. that will is actually not known how many packages will be offered, or if they will be vulnerable to the request.

along with the same carbon aero package was detected recently Lamborghini Huracan , although Lamborghini several costs £ 20 0.000 compared with £ 150K plus the cost of Pagani’s.

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Source: Pagani Huayra Pacchetto Tempesta pack adds £126k to cost

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