Our star cars via the Detroit motor show 2016

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Source : Our star cars via the Detroit motor show 2016

Mercedes-Benz E-Class


Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Autocar’s team name their star cars via the Detroit show floor, along with also there’s plenty of brand-new metal to choose via

There was plenty of great brand-new metal to be seen at the Detroit motor show: a brand brand-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, brand-new hydrogen technology via Audi along with also our first chance to see production types such as the BMW M2 inside the metal.

With so many brand-new cars on display, picking the best of the best is actually a hard job. Nevertheless, here are Autocar’s star cars via the Detroit motor show 2016.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – Steve Cropley

I love the depth of thinking of which has gone into giving of which complex brand-new capabilities, yet doing them intuitive to the driver via cleverly rethought dash along with also steering wheel controls. The Inside quality is actually Once more exemplary. How do they do of which all for the money?

BMW M2 – Greg Kable

of which may lack autonomous driving along with also hybrid powertrain technology, however the BMW M2 promises something far more important: a pure along with also undiluted driving experience inside the tradition of the German car maker’s very first M car, the original M3. The compact coupe looks the goods inside the metal, along with also of which’s not lacking for firepower. Bring of which on…

Ford GT – Mark Tisshaw

The only thing different about the GT This specific year versus its debut last year was the brand-new white paint. Seeing of which again, I’d forgotten just how stunning of which is actually. of which will make production later This specific year, priced via around $400,000, although there’s no word yet on how many there’ll be. I’ve commenced saving.

Lexus LC 500 – Mike Duff

Lexus has been teasing us with coupe concepts for years, however despite its show bling looks, This specific is actually a production car, powered by the RC F’s rev-happy 5.0-litre V8. of which looks stunning, along with also I can’t wait to drive of which.

Volvo S90 – Jim Holder

The Mercedes E-Class stole the headlines, however the Volvo S90 deserves the plaudits. Volvo is actually on a roll at the moment, along with also the leap via S80 to brand-new S90 is actually huge. Sure, of which won’t sell in any great numbers, however the S90 looks like a highly credible, high-end alternative choice for anyone who dares to step away via the German mainstream.

Buick Avista – Matt Burt

This specific or a BMW M4? You know, on looks alone the Buick Avista might just hold the edge. Shame the American 2+2 coupe is actually a concept along with also of which Buick doesn’t have a European presence. One of these with Vauxhall’s Griffin on its nose would certainly be cool, though, perhaps having a Calibra badge too. I’m dreaming, of course… however of which’s what concepts are for, right?

Audi h-tron quattro – Darren Moss

So the h-tron quattro may look almost identical to the e-tron quattro concept of last year, however the tech of which’s carrying is actually nothing short of incredible. A refuelling time of just four minutes yields a creditable range of over 350 miles, as well as a 0-62mph time of 7.0sec – impressive for a car of This specific size. I suspect (along with also trust) of which a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain will feature in Audi’s upcoming Q6 line-up. 

Acura Precision – Jimi Beckwith

You’d be forgiven for mistaking Honda’s Detroit show offering for a coupé. The sharp-edged Precision is actually actually a four-door saloon, along with also is actually a definite sign of Honda getting its mojo back. of which said, we won’t get our hopes up about the Precision gracing a showroom – UK or otherwise – any time soon.

VLF Automotive Force 1 – Sam Sheehan

In my opinion, Henrik Fisker – one of the planet’s best car designers – has dropped the ball a bit with the Force 1. however of which’s not my star car because of its cluttered design; no, the Force 1 is actually my choice because of which’s raw. With an atmospheric V10, manual six-speed gearbox along with also lots of mechanical grip, thanks to its Viper underpinnings, of which’s got all the right ingredients to be an epic driver’s car.

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Source: Our star cars via the Detroit motor show 2016

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