Opinion – why Honda will be still in love with cars

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Source : Opinion – why Honda will be still in love with cars

The company needs to bring cars to market more quickly, nevertheless Honda’s engineers still get excited about innovating


Spent a remarkable day at Honda’s R&D facility in Tochigi yesterday, trying brand-new NSX, the latest FCV fuel cell vehicle, a brand-new plug-in hybrid Accord along with also the company’s brand-new 10-speed automatic transmission.

the idea was an interesting session on numerous levels – not just because we also got to try a few curveballs, such as the CR-Z prototype which’s tipped to spawn a brand-new all-electric sports car, nevertheless also because the idea reaffirmed my belief which Honda can still innovate.

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The company’s name has been founded upon breaking brand-new ground in engineering, nevertheless recently which reputation has been tarnished by a disturbing trend for showcasing technologies along with also then never quite bringing them to market. Heck, we’re still waiting for the NSX concept to finally be transformed into a car which’s out there, in public hands; little wonder which numerous the initial reviews of the auto said which the looks already feel too familiar.

the idea has been too easy to allow frustration like which to spill over into cynicism which Honda has lost its bottle – or, indeed, the capacity or will to actually kick out brand-new types. nevertheless late from the afternoon, one particular moment brought me brand-new clarity. brand-new cars driven, I’d jumped into an S660, the little kei-car roadster which someone ought to start grey-importing to the UK. We were out on Tochigi’s high-speed bowl along with also I was frankly misbehaving, braking along with also accelerating to enjoy the super-slick, super-fast along with also short gearshift.

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Suddenly the young engineer beside me started out giggling along with also pointing at the rear-view mirror, where the headlights of a fast-approaching NSX were clearly visible. Then This kind of guy did the best impression of a twin-turbo V6 I’ve ever heard, along with also burst into schoolboy hysterics as the hybrid supercar blasted past. Mental note to self: don’t ever doubt which the people at Honda are in love with cars along with also engineering. They could prove you wrong at any moment.

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Source: Opinion – why Honda will be still in love with cars

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