Opinion: Why Ariel should build an electric limousine

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Source : Opinion: Why Ariel should build an electric limousine

Ariel Nomad discussed Ariel boss Simon Saunders, the possibility of establishing a limousine chauffeur-driven. We consider how of which can look as well as deal with


some of the comments during an insightful as well as entertaining time with Ariel boss, Simon Saunders , did not make the interview we published recently, yet deserve broadcast

This specific one was intriguing to me more: “a little tongue in cheek, I say we can make a limousine chauffeur-driven. of which’s a long way coming from atom , we have made only four a year, yet hopefully of which will be the best limo driving, you could buy because they are designed for the job. ”

Saunders was asserting of which Ariel can provide a variety of vehicles, rather than being completely serious. yet in an age where start-ups up routinely completely new super or sports car light promotes weight – from the crowded, unstable markets – only to disappear once on a limited budget ran out after a few months, as well as I’m longing for someone to try of which as well as make of which different on purpose.

I imagine of which’d be electrically powered, with near-silent engine as well as smaller to expand their pockets somewhere away coming from the passengers. Imagine air suspension as well as aluminum surround, although not necessarily using a long drive – cover or hood – necessitated by the large capacity V8 or V12. In terms of materials as well as design, I imagine being a wildly different on the inside, do what they were allowed only concept cars yet to do.

Yes, of which would certainly be more expensive to develop than plastic sports car both physically as well as certainly will not be sold by the hundred as well as will cost a lot to assemble. yet instead of which will cost a lot to buy, too.

“if you do what big manufacturers can not, daren’t, will not, or are not interested in, as well as This specific will be our position,” says Saunders. Ariel already various other things coming from a limousine to concern itself. yet I would certainly love to see someone trying to make of which work.

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Source: Opinion: Why Ariel should build an electric limousine

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