Opinion: Can Tesla truly build 500,000 cars a year?

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Source : Opinion: Can Tesla truly build 500,000 cars a year?

Tesla product X says all-electric car maker that will This specific can deal with the rocketing demand, although casts doubts on how suppliers along with support provision of spare parts


Tesla Motors confounded critics last week, which led to a two-year forward its ambitious plan to build a production car 500K per year.

made the remarks at a time when Tesla revealed a quarterly loss of $ 282m is actually also accompanied the departure of its president of production Greg Reichow along with head of manufacturing John Ensign.

inside planet of Tesla, This specific was just average inside week where the pressure rises along with falls of the automotive industry to a few days of hectic work.

Usually, Tesla currently high enormous production, based on the earth-shattering 400K unit bank for the future for 35 K $ product 3 , This specific was a surprise to most observers industry.

Although the Tesla press statement on the subject made This specific all sound very issue of fact. “Increasing production 5-fold over the next two years will be difficult, along with is actually likely to require some additional capital, although This specific is actually our goal, along with we will work hard to achieve This specific,” said company CEO Elon Musk carelessly.

This specific is actually hard to think of auto industry production ramp-up as fast as This specific. Although Mr. Cardiff Business School Paul Niewenhuis believes he can be done, “especially with the money inside bank.”

shows Tesla accounts This specific incorporates a reasonable reserve of money via $ 1.44b inside bank (not including product 3 deposits), although the major car companies typically have at least 10 times that will amount of money in hand.

questions hanging on the production ramp-up for Tesla is actually building a fish industry 50K car S product year along with intensify production with the addition of X SUV (pictured) for “between 80K – 90K” per year by the end of 2016.

along with calls for a brand-new plan for the smallest product 3 to go into production in mid-2017 with the first deliveries in late 2017, with the first full year of production in 2018 in 300K unit area.

“We plan to integrate the best technologies we have inside form of 3, although relatively Keep This specific simple to build, said the large size along with high quality,” Tesla in its quarterly report

Like many ads Tesla, he paid more questions than answers – especially one key will be how to convince suppliers to produce preparing for such a huge number of cars on demand over the long term is actually the great unknown number.

Tesla incorporates a list of suppliers of high-quality typical of S along with X, which share the same aluminum chassis skateboard, battery along with motor.

Bush / ZF provides Power Steering, Magna front along with rear a stretcher, the front along with rear Krupp anti-roll bars, SKF along with November wheel bearings Inside trim – among a list of at least 50 people, the main Tier 1 suppliers. This specific is actually provided with the battery along with electric motor Tesla.

all there will be a need to invest in tools for high volume along with cost according to the ambitious expectations of Form 3 suppliers.

However, many have been fingers burned inside past when they agreed to the prices in high volume, although the actual orders less than that will – the way a sure-fire for a supplier to lose money quickly

winning on suppliers will be a big part of the work of the incoming leaders of the brand-new factory, which will also be to intensify the follow-up of production in spite of the company’s reputation for quality problems along with delays, such as those suffered by the X SUV, which is actually longer This specific took 18 months to get to production, which was planned. According to rumors on the Internet that will the security costs alone could be as high as $ 4K per car on some designs.

There is actually no doubt that will fascinated

many senior manufacturing engineer at the possibility of working inside boiler room inside Tesla, although the challenge ahead is actually huge.

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Source: Opinion: Can Tesla truly build 500,000 cars a year?

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