Open-Top Jaguar C-Type (1953) Review

Friday, February 12th, 2016 - Automotive, Jaguar

Classic car is a big yet strong car. For the classic car fans, the classic car model is the one that attract them at the first time. And after that, the engine and the price will came out after. Are you looking for the recommended classic car? Then, you can try to look for Jaguar C-Type. This car was produced in 1951-1953, and there are some people who sell this kind of car in the online stores for the classic car fan. But, before you go to see the car, it’s better to know about Jaguar C-Type (1953) review.


Jaguar C-Type 03

Exterior and Interior Design of Jaguar C-type

As mentioned before, the first thing that attracts our eyes is the design. That’s why we’ll do Jaguar C-Type (1953) review for exterior and interior design first. The exterior design of Jaguar C-Type is a bit similar with the Jaguar XK120 design. This is the typical of low yet wide car with rounded tailed and faired fenders. It has cooling vents in the hood to keep the engine cool. Meanwhile inside the car, we can clearly see the deep sills and the drive seat and co-driver seat installed strongly with safety features. The peach colored leather gives contrast combination with the dark blue color of the exterior color.

Jaguar C-Type 11

The Engine and Performance of Jaguar C-Type

Let’s continue the Jaguar C-Type (1953) review. The engine of this car is using inline-6 with 4-speed manual transmission. We can say that the engine that used by Jaguar C-Type was already the great engine one during that time. The power of the machine is 210 horsepower at 5,800 rpm. The top speed that you can get by driving this car is 140 mph, that’s fast, right? At the first 8 seconds, you can get until 60 mph, and after 20 seconds you’ll reach 100 mph. Since this is actually a car for drove in the street, 100 mph considered as the fastest speed in the street.


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