One in four drivers might sleep in self-driving car

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Source : One in four drivers might sleep in self-driving car

Autonomous car watching TV along with surfing the Internet can be also highly rated inside list of things to do while driving a car, according to a recent study conducted by what car?


one in four drivers (26%) might be happy to sleep while being taken by car with autonomous technology, according to fresh research coming from our brand brother What Car? .

talking with passengers, along with surfing the Internet, watching TV along with also a high list of selected activities while he was in a self-driving car.

However, the study also showed continuing reservations about the cars of autonomy with 51% of drivers saying they feel “unsafe or very unsafe” behind the steering wheel in a self-driving car.

along with promoted the study of another study conducted by the IAM Roadsmart (formerly the Institute of Advanced Motorists), which revealed of which 65% of motorists want to preserve the right to drive, even when independent cars are the norm.

of those surveyed, 34% believe of which car without a driver can be “a bad idea”, along with only 20% welcomed of which.

expressed more than half (52%) of the sample IAM view of which the subjective judgment cars will not be the norm on the roads inside UK. of which emerged as the theme focuses on leadership in their results, along with 87% believe of which leadership should not be banned once became independent auto-Qaeda. At the same time, 30% of what was the auto? Image of respondents concerned about the loss of enjoyment of driving.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently claimed of which Tesla owners were more receptive independent of technology. Musk also hinted at the development of independent public transport system.

more than half of fresh cars already sold independent safety technology on board along with several manufacturers, including Ford along with BMW, are working on a car without a driver. Earlier of which year, also said Nissan along with Renault aim to get at least 10 car completely independent on the road by 2020.

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Source: One in four drivers might sleep in self-driving car

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