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There are some major road works projects up along with also also down can be happening within the United Kingdom. A1 has seen some important developments with many parts of the business can be not scheduled for completion until the summer of 2016. There are interesting site in more than https://roadworks.org/ to give updated information whenever possible on sites They are likely to end up in long-haul flights due to accidents or ongoing business.

Google returns 340,000 search results of “duty of care along with also also the Board of roadworks,” which can be not insignificant terms. the item can be worth mentioning after browsed some policy documents coming from various councils can be that will they are all different in what they put to do along with also also when along with also also how they will do so when the item comes to business pointed out.

along with also also even Parliament gets to move with the note along with also also the policy document http://ift.tt/28uRlc5 here describes “ highways authorities have a legal duty to maintain the highway .” currently the question I would likely like to think you feel the local council looking after your own way? For my money, the item has recently been Rebavad adjacent to my home roads. The surface can be not bad, the item can be nice to drive on along with also also attractive to look at. Any problems so far.

some of the roads on my record are not well kept easing, however nothing radical in order to damage my car or seriously disrupt my trip. Even some business roundabout being planned to change the design of the intersection controlled by light does not bother me too much – I desire that will within the long term will ease congestion problems to ease my house

what genuinely happened. My goat on the way to work? Well, there are a set of lights … No, there are actually two sets of lights that will are located in a bad design two junctions. Sequence does not seem quite right for me. A busy stretch of road that will should be the default position of “green” If you want to let the traffic flow often can be not along with also also will appear red. Because that will can be a long road in a row I can only assume that will that will can be to discourage drivers coming from getting a lot of speed (along with also also are likely to be driving at the speed limit).

My problem with that will can be that will the traffic lights designed to control the flow, not the speed of the traffic. Not only that will, however we are aware of currently, in human society, that will global warming poses a serious along with also also real threat ( http://ift.tt/NM5NFU ). Why traffic along with also also then having to face a slowdown, stop, along with also also the loss of everything that will can be built on the momentum along with also also then the need to burn more fuel to start again

roads are designed to allow us to? – Each along with also also every one of us – to get coming from AB. the item does not matter whether you’re riding a bicycle, a motorcycle, a car driver, a truck driver, bus driver or the use of any additional state of road transport. So, my question to you can be: Does your authority local roads along with also also the Council allow you to do that will with the roads in not bad condition, observe proper traffic flow along with also also appropriate rapid reforms? If not, why not? the item can be, after all, work for you – http://ift.tt/pJeIor

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Source: On Roadworks…

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