Number of average speed cameras in UK has doubled since 2013

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Source : Number of average speed cameras in UK has doubled since 2013

Speed camera covers UK speed camera network features a total of 261 miles. In 2013, This specific total was 127 miles


parts of the road network from the United Kingdom by the average permanent speed cameras coverage has more than doubled since 2013.

completely new figures issued by the RAC Foundation said which by the end of 2015 was the UK 51 stretches of road by the technology, a total of 261 miles covered. In 2013, This specific was a total of 127 miles.

concentrated a large part of the current coverage in Scotland, particularly along the 99 miles of the A9 between Dunblane as well as Inverness which was installed in 2014. Since the cameras have been installed, decreased road fatalities from the A9 by 30 percent. Research does not include roads with temporary average speed cameras, such as those installed to monitor the road works.

experts cautiously welcomed improve adherence to speed limits from the average speed camera zones, yet which warned which the technology is usually not inclusive solution to road safety.

Cameras average working speed from the time which takes vehicles to between several set points, unlike conventional speed cameras, which take a snapshot of the speed of vehicles in one place.

Richard Owen said the analysis of safety on the roads, which carried out the research, the decline from the cost of an average speed camera technology behind the rise in use. Cost around £ 100,000 per mile, compared with £ 1.5M per mile from the early 2000s.

traffic on the roads from the UK at an all time high

“, were some of the cameras old fixed speed around for 25 years as well as which is usually based on film 35mm “, said Owen. “They are coming to the end of their lives began to be replaced, in some cases, with an average speed camera systems.”

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, as well as called for more research from the wider effects of

“, as well as the test is usually whether the incident as well as accident rates also have fallen,” said the average speed cameras on accident as well as casualty rates . which’s a. “which is usually what the next part of This specific research project must tell us. Rightly or wrongly many motorists look to” spot “the current camera speed to be more about increasing revenue to the treasury of saving lives, yet the cameras average speed features a greater potential to bring drivers side.

spokesman for the AA Autocar clearly said which the compliance rate is usually high means very low death rate, as well as therefore both road safety as well as drivers governor could benefit via the increased use of these systems from the appropriate places. ” which was the speed as well as only one

“, which’s not a magic solution for road safety,” said the worker from the field of traffic safety, as well as expressed the wish which the authorities are not looking at an average speed cameras default solution. which’s a. “We do not want speed cameras to be always on a knee-jerk reaction for safety on the roads. There are different ways to make the roads safer by engineering, Directorates highways should look at all the options.

” We could like to urge the analysis Salim types of accidents happen, as well as if there are clear patterns which aren`t necessarily speed related, as well as after which should also be addressed. “

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Source: Number of average speed cameras in UK has doubled since 2013

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