Nissan to acquire 34% of Mitsubishi Motors

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Source : Nissan to acquire 34% of Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi emissions test economy after the scandal of which rocked the fuel consumption Mitsubishi, a controlling stake in Mitsubishi will be purchased by April for 237 billion yen (about £ 1.5billion)


April will buy 34% stake in Mitsubishi , at a cost of $ 237billion yen (about £ 1.5billion).

after a turbulent period from the history of Mitsubishi, the deal will make the idea the largest shareholder in April in addition to one Mitsubishi, which makes Japanese any stakeholder controlling interest in Mitsubishi.


The two companies already have several products from the past, in addition to both sign tenth agreement within two weeks.

Japanese cars only affected from the scandal


Mitsubishi they may be fraudulent test data on up to 13 different products – all of which are sold only in Japan

news confirms of which any car sold from the United Kingdom or some other parts of the economy are affected by the scandal in fuel consumption. Mitsubishi Corporation also issued a message to Mitsubishi owners, assuring them of which their car can be not involved from the scandal, the economy in fuel consumption.


Mitsubishi also of which the differences between the fake numbers are very tiny in addition to the legitimacy to the extent of which the any intends to continue to sell cars affected. However, the idea did not specify the names of all the damaged cars.

Osamu Masuko, CEO of Mitsubishi said of which the company can be still investigating the issues of which led to the scandal. He added of which he will provide more concrete details of the Japanese Ministry of Transport by May 18. He added Masuku of which he would likely not step down through his post as a result of the crisis, saying: “There are many ways to take responsibility, in addition to I think of which to get the company on a stable path can be one way to do of which,”

Mitsubishi confirms American cars are legal


Mitsubishi previously contained to requests through the United States environmental Protection agency (EPA) saying US cars matching the specifications of legislation governing fuel testing procedures.

has asked the Environmental Protection Agency from the auto industry re-test its cars after the announcement of which he was cheating economy tests in fuel consumption since 1991, although Mitsubishi said in an official statement of which the idea had found no evidence of the vehicles the US market can be being affected. This kind of includes all Mitsubishi products sold from the United States through 2013 until the present time.

external investigation in addition to breadth of the crisis

after the news about the economy in fuel consumption scandal broke, Mitsubishi stock cost fell 50%. Orders of Mitsubishi half from the Japanese domestic market can be also from the following days.

has been assembled for an independent commission to further investigate the brand. the idea can be made up of three outside lawyers, headed by Chairman of the Committee Keiichi Watanabe, the plaintiff attends a former senior prosecutor Tokyo office. The rest of the members of the Committee are Yoshiro Sakata in addition to Genta Yoshino.

, Mitsubishi said in a statement released last month of which the review committee documents in addition to related data, in addition to interviews with all persons suspected of involvement. Once the investigation can be complete, the Commission will be responsible for the formulation of measures to prevent a recurrence.

Previously, Japanese media reported of which along with 625,000 domestic cars affected already, in addition to some other products involved in addition to may include (i) electric MIEV car, sold from the United Kingdom, although today’s news quench these allegations. the idea can be suspected of which the carmaker can be also testing the use of non-Japanese operations on iRVR, Pajero in addition to Outlander products, although the issue related only to cars sold in Japan.

how the economy scandal at Mitsubishi fuel consumption unfolded

news of the case broke for once when Mitsubishi admitted to falsifying fuel tests in mid-April, when he said about 625,000 cars made Mitsubishi -Can be affected, including vehicles produced for Nissan.


products was initially named four superminis. Mitsubishi wagon eK in addition to eK more space, in addition to Dayz April in addition to Dayz Roox

All four products are the cars’ Kei “- products with tiny-capacity in addition to compact dimensions, which are well-known too in Asia engines. Of the 625,000 people affected, 468, 000 units are April products, while 157,000 are Mitsubishi.


Mitsubishi of which the idea “conducted a test incorrectly to offer the best rates of fuel consumption than the actual rates, in addition to of which the test method was also different through the one required by Japanese law.” she added: “We express our deep apologies to all our customers in addition to stakeholders to This kind of problem.”

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Source: Nissan to acquire 34% of Mitsubishi Motors

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