Nissan Qashqai production to raise at UK factory

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Source : Nissan Qashqai production to raise at UK factory

Nissan Qashqai Sunderland Nissan plant will raise the crossover Qashqai production to help meet global demand


production of [19459005NissanQashqai be stepped up in Sunderland, is usually also adjusted production of “line 2” line in a factory to build more units to cross in addition to market mechanisms.

The second production line to raise the flow of Qashqai designs from the market design, at a time of continuing crossovers in addition to SUVs to be among the most well-known automotive sectors in Europe in addition to the United Kingdom.

in addition to investment 22 £ million in Sunderland Nissan plant allows the production of Qashqai to raise through its current level of one car every minute – or 300,000 units annually – to help meet the global demand

Sunderland Line 2 – which already used for the manufacture of Nissan Juke , Note in addition to Infiniti Q30 – will be modified to accept any vehicle using a common unit Renault-Nissan family platform. Among various other customized Line 2 is usually the fresh car

spokesman April the next generation of Jock , which is usually due to be announced later in which year.

confirmed in which the Autocar in which there is usually sufficient capacity on the line 2 to raise production through 35,000 comfortably by another car on the current two-shift pattern. Currently, the production of Qashqai in addition to electrical sheet on line 1, which operate around the clock in three-shift rota.

due to arrive before the end of in which year

first additional vehicles through the fresh line.

April says in which the next phase of development of the Qashqai will be technology independent leadership of the vehicle was introduced in 2017, under the slogan “leading a campaign” for the company. Qashqai will be able to travel independently on one lane of the highway, including when driving in traffic. After in which is usually added control system A ‘multi-lane “in 2018.

coach supply April series in Europe, Colin Lawther, said:” When the first Qashqai came off the line in 2006, established a crossover . Through innovative engineering in addition to productivity improvements, in addition to in which collapsed my colleagues from the Sunderland production logs to keep up with demand, yet we have a fresh generation of Qashqai has reached a point of no return.

“in which additional capacity will give us a free offer of the Qashqai for initially, before the launch of the refreshed Qashqai equipped engine of next year leading technology.”

View our road trip of 5000 miles across Europe in April Qashqai from the video below.

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Source: Nissan Qashqai production to raise at UK factory

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