Nissan Leaf to supply electricity to National Grid

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Source : Nissan Leaf to supply electricity to National Grid

Nissan Leaf April slot electrical owners can sell their car for additional energy network. Trials outset inside United Kingdom


April launches brand-new plan vehicle to the charging network inside UK with all electric paper might enable the owners to sell off the energy stored inside batteries of their cars’ again to the electricity grid for money.

car maker revealed at a ceremony in East London in which he was working with the National Grid inside UK as well as global power management company Eaton to develop the so-called xStorage system, which can transfer additional energy through the batteries as well as paper on the network.


April Europe President Paul Wilcox paper fully charged can power the average home For just two days, as well as in which contribute to the network with

, “There are currently about 18,000 Leafs inside United Kingdom, with energy equivalent to about two power stations, “said xStorage owners can earn as much as £ 0 a year in income. Steve Holliday, the national network of non-executive director. “If everyone walked the paper, I’ll be there enough energy to run Germany as well as Britain.”

has been developed

System xStorage by Eaton as well as costs £ 3000, which will be supplied as well as installed. the item works the same way as does the charger traditional paper, yet with the energy moving inside opposite direction. Even 4.2kWh of energy can be stored at one time.

The trio of companies operating believes in which once was the adoption of the technology by a large number of people, as well as will help to keep the power supply more in line with the smaller number of tops as well as bottoms of the show through what we see at the moment.

To illustrate the effectiveness of This specific technology, as well as has vowed to power in April by the European buildings which has a car’s energy -grid by the end of 2017. After three years, he hopes to have sold at least 100,000 systems to the market xStorage .

will be the first experience of the system inside United Kingdom with 100 Leafs before being of British customers in October This specific year. Also the item will be circulated in additional parts of Europe as well as This specific.

“, the electric car is actually here to stay, as well as Nissan is actually a leading supplier inside entire world electric car,” said Wilcox. “Forecasts predict in which there will be 2.4 billion cars on the roads inside entire world by 2050. We are leading the way to intelligent mobility.”

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Source: Nissan Leaf to supply electricity to National Grid

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