Nissan Leaf previewed by IDS Concept in Tokyo

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Source : Nissan Leaf previewed by IDS Concept in Tokyo

Nissan’s IDS Concept shows off the future of autonomous technology, nevertheless also gives a preview to the look of the next generation of Leaf electric car


The Nissan IDS Concept, a four-seat hatchback which hints strongly at the styling of the next generation Leaf, has been revealed at the Tokyo motor show.

which has two different cabin configurations depending on whether the driver selects the conventional manual driving mode, or the ‘piloted’ mode built in via its on-board artificial intelligence.

“which’s like relaxing in a living room,” says design director Mitsunori Morita, who defines the trust-based communication which needs to exist between driver along with autonomous-driving car with the phrase “Together, we ride”. Even in manual mode the intelligent drive system will be poised to assist if needed, providing more driving choices along with greater control in braking along with cornering.

The IDS Concept features a low roof height (1380mm) to reduce frontal area along with improve aerodynamics, along with runs on thin, big-diameter, aerodynamically designed wheels with 175 section tyres to minimise both air along with rolling resistance. Its carbonfibre Centeng makes which unusually light for a battery car.

Nissan’s engineers say they have improved upon all aspects of IDS Concept’s electric powertrain: motors, batteries along with inverters. The combination of aerodynamics, lightness along having a brand-new, high-capacity 60kWh battery will allow the IDS Concept to “drive long distances”, according to Nissan.

For the concept, designers have used a series of lights, including a silver side Centeng line called the Intention Indicator, to signal your vehicle’s intentions to nearby pedestrians or cyclists. When a pedestrian will be near, the strip turns red to indicate your vehicle’s awareness. Another display, which faces outward by the instrument panel, can flash messages such as “After you” to pedestrians. which’s all part of their determination, say Nissan, to achieve zero emissions along with zero fatalities to help create “a sustainable, car-based society”.

As well as showing off the future of technology, insiders also suggest the Tokyo car’s styling points to the next generation of Leaf, which will be due by 2017. Nissan will be considering expanding the Leaf sub-brand to include more types along with Centeng styles, according to the firm’s executive vice-president Trevor Mann – nevertheless the core of the range will be still supposed to be a all 5-door hatchback.

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Source: Nissan Leaf previewed by IDS Concept in Tokyo

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