Nissan gets solar power for UK car production

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Source : Nissan gets solar power for UK car production

nissan solar panels will be at This kind of point used solar energy to further decrease the environmental impact in April, in addition to the wind turbines 10 in Sunderland have a factory


April turned on a solar farm within the Sunderland plant them, within the latest attempt to create sustainable future .

consists of 19,000 individual photovoltaic panels, the factory can produce 4.75MW of electricity. the item runs in cooperation with the 10 wind turbines at the Sunderland plant, which combined, as well as Nissan says, produces enough power to produce more than 31,000 vehicles a year, saving 3,000 tonnes of CO2 compared with more conventional energy sources.

alternative power constitute seven percent of the total supply of electric power to the plant.

plant, which produces the well-known Qashqai electrical paper , produced 476,589 cars last year, which means a brand new solar farm capable of producing 6.5% of cars built.

said Colin Lawther, vice president of Nissan’s top manufacturing as well as purchasing as well as supply chain management in Europe, as well as the renewable energy essential to see why in April calls for intelligent mobility.

“We have built more than 50,000 in April Leafs in Europe, as well as brand new 250KM long the industry’s leading fiber will be at This kind of point available. Said. With 10 wind turbines already generate a power plant Sunderland we have, as well as This kind of brand new solar farm to reduce environmental impact Nissan through her whole life cycle “


as well as solar farm as well as construction within the April test loop in Sunderland by the European Voltaics of energy, as well as all of the electricity generated will be used by Nissan.The brand has recently announced which the item will launch a brand new AV network charging system within the United Kingdom with electrodes for all paper might enable the owners to sell excess energy stored within the batteries of their cars’ back to the electricity grid for money.

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Source: Nissan gets solar power for UK car production

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