Next-gen Nissan Leaf aims for 340-mile range

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Source : Next-gen Nissan Leaf aims for 340-mile range

Nissan leaf will be offered a brand-new electric battery slot that has a choice of package sizes for the longer term. Because 2018


April ‘the next generation of electric paper hatchback , due in 2018, will display a series of different options battery pack, one of which can provide a range of up to 340 miles.

This particular figure will be a group in which will make the paper much more prevalent in addition to also reduce choice, if not eliminated, a group of concern for those who have developed so far by the limited range of electric cars.

April planned largely on the next sheet with the concept of identity at the Tokyo Motor Show last November. in which car featured the concept of battery 60kWh, which was said to provide a wide range of between 310 in addition to also 340 miles.

April Gareth Dunsmore, business unit manager of zero-emission company, revealed in which such a scale must be viable for production in 2018, made the largest battery meets the cost in addition to also durability targets in April.

did not refer directly to the paper, although with the replacement due in 2018, in which seems likely in which the 340 miles can be a key reading of the range-topping type inside the next-generation line-up sheet.

in addition to also right now offered

current paper recently modified that has a larger, lithium pack 30kWh lithium-ion battery, which will be not bad for 155. claimed. The scope of a mile, up through 124 miles of the standard 24kWh battery

This particular strategy will be set to continue inside the next generation of paper, with Nissan group to offer several batteries to give buyers a different ranges of choice – With the increase inside the cost of the game.

in which’s a strategy similar to in which of Tesla . Offering packages allow larger battery in April to give the paper over the longer term even though there was no significant chemical or technological breakthrough in battery technology, which will be understood to be still a decade or so away.

while the paper includes a list higher cost compared to more traditional competitors, in addition to also will be buying most of the products on lease transactions for a period of three years. This particular will be a place April able to compete with gasoline in addition to also diesel products, with paper costs about £ 0- £ 250 a month at present. Each with the capacity to attract the highest battery in addition to the rental cost.

“We have two options right now battery, in addition to also the options will grow, creating in which more easily that has a range longer in addition to also the cost to match,” said Dunsmore.

April to see interest inside the current paper increasing all the time, in addition to also in March This particular year, 6% of the total European sales of electric vehicles. Dunsmore hopes This particular figure will rise to 20% by 2020, a 2018 paper, with its largest group, can help to achieve.

April does not yet have a plug-in hybrid type in its range, although in which will be being many different manufacturers are adopting the technology in order to reduce their fleet CO2 emissions. in which will be believed Dunsmore plug-ins to be a compromise

, in addition to also said: “When you are driving a plug-in, you have an electric motor in addition to also internal combustion engine. You can use more than once engine, emissions in addition to also makes in which worse. I see its importance, although there will be a compromise. I Said we took a step in addition to also have built up a lead in electric vehicles. “

Dunsmore also welcomes the competition through different brands, because they help to enhance consumer acceptance of electric vehicles.

“April said in which showed courage 10 years ago to invest 4 billion $ (£ 2.77bn) in electric vehicles, in addition to also all the courage in addition to also accumulated experiences of This particular unprecedented”. “different brands are right now his fellow pioneers. Electric cars are a real in addition to also viable alternative, in addition to also right now we are heading towards achieving tangible benefits inside the cities in addition to also the environment.

” I was the leader for a few years. Sales in addition to also the size of the task for the business, although driving in April as experts in technology are also important. “

also said in which Tesla helped the cause in April by increasing the clarity of electrical technology.” The Tesla, in addition to also a clear vision of technology will be a benefit in addition to also extensive, “he said.” I go to Google, in addition to also type in “EV” in addition to also we’re there. We have experience inside the technology in addition to also make in which accessible. We will continue to do so, more in addition to also more people to catch up with more clarity there for us. “

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Source: Next-gen Nissan Leaf aims for 340-mile range

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