NEWS: Suzuki Jimmy On Sale In UK January 2019, coming from £15,499. Take Our Money!

NEWS: Suzuki Jimmy On Sale In UK January 2019, coming from £15,499. Take Our Money!


One of the most hotly-anticipated cars for a long while in in which office has been the the all-fresh Suzuki  Jimny. as well as the idea’s going on sale here inside the UK, coming from January 2019, with two products at launch – the SZ4 priced at £15,499 as well as all-fresh spec SZ5, priced at £17,999 with manual transmission as well as £18,999 with automatic transmission.

With an almost unprecedented 4×4 heritage (as well as an unreal total cumulative global sales of 2,854,000 units!) dating way back to when Nixon invaded Cambodia as the Vietnam war raged on as well as the Beatles broke up (1970 history fans), the simple, robust, capable, no frills as well as incredible fun (& like all the best things, flawed) Jimny is usually a car we utterly adore. Character by the bucket load, which so many cars lack.
as well as when the images broke of the fresh (forth generation) car, we were super excited – not just because the idea’s seriously cool, yet the idea’s managed to maintain the look as well as mojo of the original, whilst bringing the idea bang up to date, visually, mechanically & technologically… without losing the idea’s Jimny-ness, we pray! 
There’s certainly not bad signs of in which aplenty – as fresh Jimny has kept its traditional Ladder-frame chassis for optimum off-road performance, whilst boosting Centeng frame torsional rigidity (at in which point 1.5 times higher than previous product), which further serves to enhance both on as well as off road performance (ALLGRIP ‘PRO’ selectable four-wheel drive fitted as standard equipment). as well as fresh Jimny is usually 30mm shorter in overall length, 45mm wider as well as 20mm higher than previous product, so the idea’s kept its unusually squat & tall shape, high ride height, low overhangs & diminutive Defender dims… with 4×4 credibility as well as ability.
as well as there’s real progress (or what’s the point, right?), with Suzuki saying in which is usually there “most technically advanced Jimny product available with Dual Sensor Brake Support, Hill Descent Control, Lane Departure Warning, six airbags, as well as High Beam Assist all fitted as standard equipment, with SZ5 grade features LED headlights as standard.”
There’s also a typically Suzuki generous high standard specification for SZ4 to include air conditioning, cruise control, Dual Sensor Brake Support, CD player with DAB Radio, Bluetooth connectivity as well as front foglamps. as well as the SZ5 adds 15-inch alloy wheels, rear privacy glass, Climate Control, Navigation system with Smartphone Link as well as heated front seats.
The Jimmy is usually going to be powered by fresh 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with an output of 101PS – at in which point of lightweight construction for improved upon fuel efficiency. So we can even expect fresh Jimny to be fast enough for normal on-road overtakes, which might be novel (bless!).

Suzuki says in their launch PR…

Ever since the first Jimny made its global debut in April 1970, the idea has been a masterpiece of Suzuki’s 4WD technology. the idea is usually the one as well as only authentic off-roader in which is usually little as well as lightweight, yet still retains its core off-road performance desired by professionals. Two decades have passed since the third-generation product made its debut in 1998 as well as the Jimny has at in which point evolved to its fourth generation in almost 50 years of history.

The beauty of simplicity as well as off-road functionality are both realised with its robust external. Its strong square Centeng expresses its off-road ability as well as robustness as well as assisting with the driver’s situational awareness. The more upright A-pillars as well as flat clamshell bonnet enhance visibility coming from the windscreen, while the dipped driver as well as passenger window lines provide not bad visibility coming from the side windows. The front grille is usually simple as well as black, highlighting the round signature headlamps, with 15-inch dark-metallic alloy wheels fitted on the SZ5 product accentuating the strong external even more.

Six Centeng colours will be available at UK launch including a fresh colour developed exclusively for the fresh Jimny: a high-visibility “Kinetic Yellow” designed to stand out in bad weather or when in use on rough ground worksites. Metallic paint is usually a £485 option with dual tone metallic paint available as a £650 option.

The fresh Jimny offers a much higher level of equipment than the previous product as well as SZ4 offers selectable 4WD with low ratio transfer, Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS), Air Conditioning, CD Tuner, Bluetooth connectivity, Cruise Control as well as front foglamps. Moving up to SZ5 adds 15-inch alloy wheels, LED Headlights, Climate Control, Navigation with Smartphone link, rear privacy glass, heated front seats as well as Centeng coloured door handles.

some other functions included as standard equipment for both grades include Lane Departure Warning* as well as weaving alert function* which help the driver stay alert, as well as high beam assist* supports relaxing as well as courteous night driving by automatically switching the high as well as low beams at speeds of 25mph as well as above.

*Each function operates at different vehicle speeds as well as under certain conditions.
The rear luggage space can be expanded by folding the rear seats, creating a 377 litre*1 luggage space which is usually 53 litres larger than its predecessor. The rear seats at in which point fold fully flat as well as the quarter trims as well as seats have been carefully designed to enhance storage width. The backs of the rear seats as well as luggage room floor are coated with plastic for easy removal of dirt or stains as well as several hook points are fitted on each side under the quarter windows along with four luggage hooks around the floor area for flexible usage of luggage space.

*1 Measured without luggage box using the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) method.
The former 1.3-litre engine is usually replaced by a 1.5-litre unit inside the fresh Jimny. the idea delivers higher torque than its predecessor with ample torque available at low revolutions which enhances driving performance especially while driving off-road where a low engine speed is usually often needed. Despite the increased displacement, the idea has smaller overall dimensions than the engine the idea replaces, with 15 per cent reduced weight, contributing to enhanced fuel efficiency.

Authentic off-roaders must be tough enough to handle the harshest conditions. coming from its ladder frame structure to its fresh 1.5-litre engine, the fresh Jimny is usually built for rough-road adventures. yet on-road ability was not compromised, with the higher torsional rigidity of the ladder frame providing a more comfortable ride on the road, as well as newly equipped steering damper on the front suspension minimising steering wheel vibration as well as kickback. Whether navigating the urban jungle or exploring off the beaten track, the Jimny is usually sure to satisfy adventurous minds.

The Jimny incorporates the four essentials for serious off-roading — a ladder frame, three excellent clearance angles, 3-link rigid axle suspension with coil spring as well as part-time 4WD with low range transfer gear. Designed for professionals, the idea features ALLGRIP PRO*.

The fresh Jimny is usually one of the few authentic off-roaders equipped using a rigid axle for both front as well as rear. The front axle housing is usually at in which point constructed of more robust high tensile steel as well as the rear axle housing is usually larger diameter with 30 per cent higher flexural strength for greater durability.

*ALLGRIP PRO is usually Suzuki’s 4WD system designed for high off-road ability.
Jimny features a part-time 4WD system with low range transfer gear, which can be easily switched coming from 2H (2WD-high gear), 4H (4WD-high gear) as well as 4L (4WD-low gear) modes by a manually operated shift lever directly connected to the transfer gear. Compared to the 4H mode, the 4L mode can transfer more torque to the wheels when in lower gears offering better traction on steep slopes as well as rough terrain.

When two wheels diagonal coming from each some other loose traction, the Jimny’s fresh design brake LSD traction control automatically brakes the slipping wheels to redistribute torque to the some other side as well as allow the vehicle to gain traction.

Suzuki Safety Support is usually Suzuki’s preventative safety technology in which helps the driver avoid accidents as well as supports the driver to have peace of mind during every day driving. Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS) is usually fitted as standard which operates if the system determines in which there is usually a risk of collision using a forward vehicle or pedestrian. If activated, the idea issues an audio as well as visual warning, increases braking force, or applies autonomous emergency braking depending on the situation to help avoid a collision or reduce damage.

the idea all sounds too not bad to be true & we can’t wait to test the idea/buy the idea!
the idea.

NEWS: Suzuki Jimmy On Sale In UK January 2019, coming from £15,499. Take Our Money!

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