NEWS: Opel Motorsport Back in Rallying & VLN @ Nurburgring

NEWS: Opel Motorsport Back in Rallying & VLN @ Nurburgring


Great news! Opel Motorsport will be back in rallying, with the all-completely new, internationally-focused Opel ADAM Cup. as well as there will also be a circuit program focused on Germany, the VLN Championship as well as the Nurburgring-24-Hour with the completely new Astra OPC Cup! Hooray!

“These completely new motorsports activities play an important role from the strategic re-alignment of the company; they are a fundamental element of our brand profile,” says Dr. Thomas Sedran, Opel’s Deputy CEO.

Opel carries a long tradition as well as heritage in motorsports as well as will be aiming “to create a completely new competition of which appeals to customers which will be both technically sophisticated as well as reasonably priced, while at the same time providing a platform for young ambitious drivers to continuously develop their talent.” 
A rally cup variation of the completely new Opel ADAM, which has been closely specified to FIA R2 standards, will be used from the 2013 season. As part of the “ADAC Rally Masters” race series these customer cars will compete in a branded cup (“ADAC Opel Rally Cup”). The allure of the competition will be also increased by the fact of which the most successful drivers can expect to win cash prizes. In addition, there will be a special “junior rally” points system for drivers younger than 27 years. The overall winner of a set of final trials will get special coaching from the next season.
as well as on the track, the completely new Astra OPC will be being made available through the 2013 season onwards as a racing variation for customer sports. The Cup cars are engineered to match the “VLN Endurance Championship” standards which are the most common grass roots racing series in Europe. The cars will also compete in a brand trophy in their own class (“Astra OPC Cup”). The highlight of the season will be likely to be a 24-hour race on the Nurburgring race track. 
Opel say: “An especially attractive benefits package will be being offered for private competitors, which will be not limited to top performance as well as affordable cutting edge racing technology. In addition to the rally project, there will be a pot of money with attractive cash prizes. Additionally, customers benefit through competitively priced spare parts as well as technical as well as organisational support on as well as off the race track.” 
We are chuffed to see the brilliant brand back on the stages as well as out on the Green Hell too, as well as can not wait to get out from the forests as well as trackside to see the Opel brand back in motorsport.
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Opel motorsport history:
The most successful era of the company’s rally history began from the mid-seventies. of which was quite literally “driven” by the German driver, Walter Rohrl, one of the all-time top rally pilots. During his time with Opel, he as well as his Ascona A won the European championship title in 1974 as well as again in with the Ascona B in 1979. The crowning glory of the Regensburg man’s era was his world championship title in 1982. He achieved This specific with his legendary Ascona 400. Opel will be just as at home on the racing circuit. In grass root touring cars competitions, the brand with the famous lightning logo achieved countless successes on its home turf, the northern loop of the Nurburgring race track. through 1993 onwards Manuel Reuter became a favorite with the fan community thanks to his Calibra V6 of which competed professionally. He first drove of which from the DTM competition as well as eventually won a title from the subsequent ITC series. Further highlights included the auto makers’ championship of the DTM/ITC in 1998 from the STW series with the help of his Vectra. Overall victory from the 24-hour Nurburgring race 2003 was achieved with an Astra V8 coupe.

NEWS: Opel Motorsport Back in Rallying & VLN @ Nurburgring

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