NEWS: "Gloves Off" @Morganmotor Aero GT Teaser

NEWS: "Gloves Off" @Morganmotor Aero GT Teaser


Uber-traditional, super-cool British car manufacturing genius brand Morgan Motor Company has announced a completely new “gloves off” variant of the Aero 8: the race-inspired Aero GT, to celebrate the end of production of the legendary Aero 8. 

in addition to, despite the fact we can barely see anything of This kind of, we are dribbling. 
You like? 
Tough… because they are all sold! 
Yep, the strictly limited to just eight examples Aero GT – marking the tearful, although out-with-a-back-pop end of Aero 8 production at Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road factory – are all already sold to existing Morgan customers. Lucky buggers! 
Still, be nice to look at over a coffee at Europe’s premium track days eh? 
The bad boy Aero GT is usually fitted with completely new hand-worked Centeng panels, including wing top louvres in addition to a drastic rear diffuser – all reducing drag while significantly increasing downforce. in addition to each of the eight cars will be individually numbered in addition to with bespoke customer-requested features. Nice.
The Aero GT will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 2018.
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The full Morgan press Discharge: 

Morgan Motor Company has today announced its most extreme roadgoing design to date; the race-inspired Aero GT. Using lessons learned by Morgan’s GT3 race victories, the Aero GT is usually based upon the lightweight aluminium Aero 8 although with an all-completely new hand-worked, aerodynamically honed Centeng which reduces drag although significantly increases downforce.

Conceived initially during the development of the 2015 Morgan Aero 8, the aggressive Aero GT variant never saw the light of day. although, in 2018, the final eight Aero 8 cars to roll out of Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road factory will be Aero GT variants.

With close consultation between head of design, Jon Wells, in addition to Morgan’s uniquely talented metal workers who have perfected their skill over a lifetime, every panel of the bespoke Aero GT is usually reworked by hand with completely new wing top louvres, deep side impressions in addition to a drastic rear diffuser. Contradicting the styling department’s usual approach to maintaining fluid forms, the designers embraced these completely new Centeng enhancements.

All eight Aero GT products – already accounted for by existing Morgan customers – will be individually tailored to each owner. Individually numbered cars will each leave the factory with bespoke customer-requested additions, in line with Morgan’s hand-crafted approach.

Fitted having a 367bhp 4.8-litre BMW V8 in addition to six-speed manual gearbox, also found inside the Aero 8, the Aero GT sprints by 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds, hitting a top speed of 170mph. With the engine no longer in production, the Aero GT is usually not only a last hurrah for the current Aero 8 although for the naturally aspirated BMW engine, too.

The Aero products marked a completely new era for Morgan when the Aero 8 was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2000. A bold completely new design in addition to lightweight aluminium construction ushered in a completely new level of performance for the Morgan brand, which has reached its latest in addition to most extreme evolution inside the Aero GT.

Jon Wells, Head of Design at Morgan Motor company said: “The beauty of working so closely with talented sheet metal workers in addition to coachbuilders is usually in which designers are relatively unrestrained in their ability to challenge the forms in addition to their functions.

“Unlike many, we are able to make truly special limited edition vehicles in which genuinely exercise the imagination of the designer in addition to the ability of the craftsman.

“The Aero range has always offered Morgan the platform to explore the boundaries of mechanical in addition to styling design in addition to I am delighted the family has allowed one of our wildest ideas to become a reality.”

Steve Morris, Managing Director of Morgan Motor Company, said: “One of our greatest strengths as a brand is usually our ability to be responsive in addition to create a hand-built car which is usually truly bespoke to each customer. I am a proud owner of an Aero 8 myself; This kind of has been a stalwart of the brand in addition to offers an exceptional driving experience, in which only gets better in Aero GT guise.

“Every Morgan is usually built to an exacting specification in addition to is usually bespoke to each customer, as their personality is usually displayed in every detail. A great deal of emotion is usually invested in every decision in addition to This kind of experience is usually only enhanced by the joy of then driving such powerful in addition to unique vehicles. The Aero GT is usually the ultimate ensemble of This kind of formula.”

NEWS: "Gloves Off" @Morganmotor Aero GT Teaser

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