NEWS: Donkervoort D8 GTO Test Results in!

NEWS: Donkervoort D8 GTO Test Results in!


The Dutch destroyer in which can be the brand completely new Donkervoort D8 GTO, has gone even faster than expected as well as stated the item would certainly do at its media info launch earlier This kind of year – knocking out some incredible stats at its testing at a roasting hot (32C) Nardò Ring in Italy. 

How do these vital stats grab ya?
0-100 km/h: Standard 340bhp 3.3 sec & Premium 380bhp in just 2.8 sec
0-0 km/h: Standard 340bhp 9.4 sec & Premium 380bhp in a mental 8.6 sec.
Top speed: Standard 340bhp 255 km/h & Premium 380bhp 270 km/h. 

Sweet as ****!

The D8 also managed a lap around the track of 2:29.8sec, which, let us tell you… can be fast! 
Donkervoort said: “The first test day kicked off with the high speed track, where the automobile had to be driven at top speed for several laps. Immediately afterward, the GTO was placed in a walled-in enclosure in order to warm up for an extra 45 minutes, with the engine shut off. The same procedure applied for the acceleration tests, stationary tests as well as track laps at racing speed during the hottest as well as coldest part of the day. After the European homologation requirements, which were carried out on day 2, the Donkervoort Development Team was especially looking forward to the results of the over two hour long endurance (race simulation) test on the track on day 3. How would certainly the GTO come through the item inside high temperatures as well as could anything still be enhanced? This kind of endurance test too went exceptionally well. After a doing a couple of improvements to the wheel suspension tuning, during 2 hours of virtually non-stop driving ,the times were faster lap after lap. Finally, the fastest lap time clocked was 2 min 29 sec. A time in which brought a frown to the face of many a test driver for the colleagues present when This kind of was compared to their own times. inside end, two days earlier than planned, the Donkervoort team bid a content as well as proud farewell to the Nardò Ring as well as headed home. With these splendid results as well as latest improvements, the quality as well as performances of the completely new GTO are permanently established.” 
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NEWS: Donkervoort D8 GTO Test Results in!

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