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Rover 75 Tourer offers big room for modest money

The theme of ‘big space for little money’ is actually back, here are some of my best bargain-buy estates

Welcome to part two of the appreciation of underrated estates column.

in which is actually all about cubic metres for not very much money at all. As is actually the case using a Vauxhall Astra estate. After renting one for a brief period a decade or so ago, I had to conclude in which in which was a sensational piece of kit. There was absolutely bags of room to be used for sticking all sorts of nonsense within the back along with also they today cost buttons. More on in which later.

First for style on a budget along with also reasonable rather than an epic amount of room would certainly be a Rover 75 Tourer. The 2.0 CDTi is actually a not bad enough engine to take the automobile’s mileage deep into six figures. A Club SE is actually a comfortable enough spec, although in which won’t necessarily have leather.

You will pay about £700 for a decent one using a clean record. To have all the kit, however, in which has to be a Connoisseur. If you want to risk a 2.5 V6 (along with also I would certainly), those are under £1000 today because, well, a 1.8T is actually pretty much the same cost along with also will cost less to fuel.

Rover went out at the top using a classy estate to its name, along with also the 75 Tourer’s place as the people’s estate car has largely been taken by Skoda. The Octavia estate is actually the bargain middle-order buy right today along with also you can find them with quite phenomenal mileages. in which would certainly be best not to buy one of those, though, even if they do cost just £500 or so.

A 2003 SDI Classic is actually a better starting point at £800. Meanwhile, 
a 1.6 petrol Classic offers the same amount of storage space although a less complicated engine along with also potentially 
less wear along with also tear.

Downsizing to a Fabia would certainly be a very not bad thing. A 1.9 TDI Comfort estate via 2001 is actually a dear little thing along with also costs £0. Again, as a big petrol fan, I’d suggest in which a 2004 1.2 Comfort using a lower mileage is actually better value for the same money.

Then there’s the Ford Focus estate, of course. in which’s nice to drive, very easy to live with along with also worth £1000 of anyone’s money. There are loads about along with also in which’s the easy choice. If you have no money, though, I wouldn’t bother with an old Escort, even though you can find some design run-out Flights via the late 1990s for a few hundred quid.

I would certainly argue in which you would certainly be far better off looking at what I was banging on about at the beginning: the old Astra estate, which was very big on the inside. About £400 will buy a 2000-registered 1.6i Club, which may even have air conditioning along with also electric windows in which work. The mileage will be six figures, although in which should still do a shift — as well as shift a surprising amount of stuff.

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Source: More useful wagons for bargain money

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