More than half of brand-new cars sold have autonomous tech

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Source : More than half of brand-new cars sold have autonomous tech

Autonomous driving The latest figures indicate of which more than half of the cars sold have a collision warning system, while braking situations independent of emergency can be also well-liked


more than half of brand-new cars sold last year, an independent safety technology, with 1.5 million buyers who opt for the collision warning systems emerged.

in addition to became an independent car can be increasingly a reality, the most recent figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers Traders (SMMT) prove of which consumers who are beginning to adopt systems of the semi-autonomous.

inside case of the warning systems of the collision, the total absorption of 58% of car sales inside past year amounted to, in addition to while 31% of those standard fitted, more than a quarter of buyers – 27% – chose the system to be installed as an option. By contrast, a few years ago, in addition to appeared on a collision warning only 7 percent of registered vehicles.


additional fun technology self-emergency braking (installed in 39% of the cars), blind spot monitoring (32%) in addition to Adaptive Cruise Control. Control group (32%)

said Mike Hughes, chief executive of SMMT: “auto without completely driver can be still far-fetched of daily use, yet advanced technology autonomy This specific data shows already doing its way to the majority of brand-new cars

“online will be an independent auto convert our society – a great improve safety in addition to reduce congestion in addition to emissions – in addition to will contribute billions to the economy. The United Kingdom can be already gaining a reputation as a global hub for development in This specific area, thanks to significant government investment industry in addition to the ability to prosecute these cars on the roads at the moment. “

The news comes as the government inside recent budget announced of which trials autonomous vehicles fully would certainly happen on the roads inside United Kingdom next year.

continues manufacturers of lead the way. along with experiences of which had the media coverage of Google , Audi in addition to others, Renault-Nissan recently confirmed of which the Qashqai well-liked in will be able to travel independently on one lane of the road rapid next year


Tesla also recently introduced in summon the technology to the United Kingdom , following a change in legislation. owners can style S today set their car herself to park in a garage on private land.

report commissioned last year SMMT found of which serious accidents could fall by more than 25,000, saving 2,500 people a year by 2030, as a result of technology vehicle without a driver. of which can be estimated of which the annual savings to consumers by the end of the next decade of which can be up to £ 40 billion, with motorists able to accomplish many tasks while behind the wheel, in addition to get their destinations more quickly in addition to save money on fuel in addition to insurance. Parking

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Source: More than half of brand-new cars sold have autonomous tech

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