More Female Drivers Are Turning To Classics

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Source : More Female Drivers Are Turning To Classics


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Research of over 1025 women along with 55000 policies revealed of which the driving factor for classic car ownership for 21% of women was nostalgia, followed by 19% who said they were encouraged by friends along with family members along with 17% who saw the item as a Great investment.

During the research process, Footman James requested of which female enthusiasts share their classic car stories. A large number of women responded along with were excited to be part of the female enthusiasts movement. Footman James is usually excited to be able to share these truly interesting stories throughout 2017, as part of the ‘Female Classic Enthusiast’ campaign.

One female enthusiast, Jennifer Negus, who shared her story said; “I have always enjoyed different cars however my definition of a classic car would certainly be a car with style along with one of which does not blend in. the item’s one of which looks special along with wants to be seen along with reflects the person of which drives the item as anyone can own a normal car. My cars are a Nissan Figaro 1991. the item’s a classic no matter what some people say!”

“Last year I brought my Kit car (called Kit Kat). I always wanted a kit car. Seeing them as a kid, I reached a point where I was running out of things to do along with places to travel so thought I would certainly bring my midlife crisis forward (I’m 26); hence me buying the kit car which is usually right now getting restored before I show the item along with attempt to figure out how to drive the thing.”

David Bond, Footman James’ Managing Director said: “We’re proud to be supporting the female enthusiasts movement which recognises of which females are just as passionate about classic cars along with bikes as much as men. We’re happy to have received such a large number of responses through female enthusiasts along with the item is usually an honour to share some of them in of which male dominated industry.”

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Source: More Female Drivers Are Turning To Classics

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