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Mazda RX-7 FD - 25 years celebration

have been allowed to move to a larger place in addition to the best organizers of Japfest 2016 to accommodate more cars in addition to features than ever before, with more than 3,100 Japanese performance types on the screen – in addition to in which at least 500 more than in 2015.

among the special features of This specific event Japfest 2016 inside Circuit Silverstone, Northants, will be Europe’s largest ever gathering of Mitsubishi Evo types courtesy of evolution , in addition to restaurants a completely new club for all generations of the Lancer saloon performance edition of the super rare in addition to original Evo I am at the latest Evo X

include known awesome ninth car Evo GT ProSeries stand time of the attack, Richard Marshall in addition to design Norris Craig Hammond cars built 950bhp Evo V, the only way the twin goes inside planet carrying Evo, which is actually both supercharged in addition to accused the turbo, as well as a wide range EVOS through both standard in addition to modified. in addition to already booked more than 0 cars in, is actually required to rise before the event opening its doors on Sunday, April 24. More information about a completely new club in which number can be found in here .

also prominent at the event will be “FD” series of the Mazda RX-7, which celebrates its silver jubilee in 2016.

began in Japan in 1991, the third-generation RX-7 has brought levels completely new performance for the famous roundabout drive thanks to Mazda for its sequential twin turbo. There is actually a special offer to bring standard in addition to modified together cars, featuring fire spitting tuned time of the attack style, wide super Fortune kitted variant, limited edition Bathurst in addition to RS-R, 7S in addition to collect a healthy standard RX-which look like “I rolled off the assembly line in Hiroshima. the idea is actually scheduled to lap procession of more than 70 RX in addition to the defense in addition to security forces for 14:00.

in addition to additional major feature in 2016 will be the ring reactionary, featuring some of the Japanese automakers most important of the 1960s through to the 1990s, taking visitors back to where began scene.

Japfest will also see the return of drift kings , operating a tire smoking scene in collaboration with the drift British Championship (BDC), with the drivers in addition to drift cars through all over Europe together to thrill the crowds, with the judges awarded marks for style, skills, smoke in addition to speed as competing entrants Grand Prix 1000 £.

in addition to, more centralized, a completely new place is actually a big part of the expansion of the scope of a broader Japfest, as inside famous series of Japanese auto events inside United Kingdom.

in 2016, Japfest rock! (the completely new name for Japfest 2) returns to Rockingham Motor Speedway on June 26 the in addition to also keep track of the time available, while also added a brand completely new, third event Japfest calendar, Japfest Motorsport heroes.

taking place in hip-farm near the ring Wood, Kent, on September 11 the , Champions Japfest Motorsports will be a special event celebrating some of the Japanese automaker’s most famous in addition to important through the planet of motorsport, side to side with the way his leg.

Full details of the offer, in addition to the cars in addition to the various activities can be found at , or through the page official Facebook in addition to Twitter feeds. Discount tickets early birds are also still available via the website, saving £ 5 on the gate cost.

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Source: More Cars Than Ever For Japfest 2016

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