Mitsubishi Shogun Sport set for 2016 UK comeback

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Source : Mitsubishi Shogun Sport set for 2016 UK comeback

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport already sold in Asian markets, the product can be up before the end of the year. The previous generation of cars in addition to sacked in 2006


in addition to Mitsubishi Shogun Sport will be scheduled to launch within the UK before the end of which year, according to coach Lance Bradley.

introduced to the Asian markets last year as a point Pajero Sport, the brand will be already working on the homogeneity of the United Kingdom, prior to the expected sale of the November date.

due to be priced between Outlander in addition to Shogun , which means starting via around £ 26,000, in addition to the introduction of the Shogun would likely have annual sales of Mitsubishi increase by 10. Sports 15%, or 3000-4000 cars. “which will increase our sales very much if we get which,” said Bradley. “which looks fantastic in addition to definitely torque y.”

in addition to Shogun Sport, which uses L200 platform, carries a 2.4-liter diesel engine which develops 179bhp in addition to 317 lb-ft, mated to a brand-new 8-speed transmission automatic transmission. In existing markets, customers can choose a payment system quadrilateral Super Select 4WD-II.

As with the previous product. Gen. Shogun Sport was last seen in galleries within the United Kingdom in 2006, before which was excluded via the line- up.

At the same time, which will be supposed to replace the standard Shogun throughout 2019: “The Shogun a little hard to justify the investment being a little-sized car,” explained Bradley. “We must be wheel-drive with four-wheel-drive, in addition to all our different platforms will be the front-wheel-drive with four-wheel-drive right.”

He added which one of the advantages in newly formed alliance with Nissan was sharing platform, hinting which which would likely help accommodate the next generation of the shogun.

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Source: Mitsubishi Shogun Sport set for 2016 UK comeback

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