Mitsubishi admits to cheating fuel tests since 1991

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Source : Mitsubishi admits to cheating fuel tests since 1991

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi coach admits falsifying fuel stretches back through three decades. US authorities have been pressing for the automotive industry to the Japanese more information


along with sought Mitsubishi emissions scandal with admitted the company has been cheating tests fuel economy since 1991.

comes This specific latest announcement a few days after the company’s chairman Tetsuro after said Aikawa there could be more cars with the economy in fuel consumption data incorrectly measured than was originally thought.

recent decline inside the shares of Mitsubishi Corporation, which has been dropped as soon as the scandal escalated, along with which appears the company has lost 50% of the stock’s value inside the Japanese stock market since the beginning of the story.

Local media reported last week which, along with 625,000 domestic cars already affected, along with different types involved could include i MIEV electric car, which is actually sold inside the United Kingdom. which is actually suspected which the carmaker is actually also testing the use of non-Japanese operations on iRVR, Pajero along with Outlander types, the latter of which is actually also for sale in This specific country.

Mitsubishi has yet to be confirmed whether any of the types inside the UK are affected.


American authorities to press for more information about the company, where Japanese officials said which Mitsubishi could be responsible for refund the customer, in a manner similar to Volkswagen deal is actually currently underway inside the US. He said Japanese Transport Minister Keiichi Ishii company wanted to look at the possibility of buying a car inside the matter.

late last week Mitsubishi second-largest position in Japan raided by government authorities after the acceptance of the original car maker falsification of data economy in fuel consumption.

The Japanese government has been described as a “very serious case” along with ordered the company to offer the full report by April April 27.

news of the case broke for the very first time when Mitsubishi admitted to falsifying fuel tests in mid-April when which said which had affected about 625,000 Mitsubishi-made vehicles, including cars produced for April .

along with types were initially named four superminis. Mitsubishi wagon eK along with eK more space along with Dayz April along with Dayz Roox

All four types are the cars’ Kei “- types with modest-capacity along with compact dimensions, which are well-known too in Asia engines. Of the 625,000 people affected, 468,000 the unit is actually April types, while 157,000 are Mitsubishi.


Mitsubishi which which “conducted a test incorrectly to provide better fuel consumption than the actual rates rates, along with which the test method was also different coming from the one required by Japanese law.” he added “We express our deep apologies to all our customers along with stakeholders just for This specific cause,”

the company has stopped production along with sales of the four cars affected first, along with announced which which would certainly conduct an investigation in manufactured overseas markets products. This specific suggests the recent announcement was to find the contradictions.

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Source: Mitsubishi admits to cheating fuel tests since 1991

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