Mitsubishi admits fuel economy rigging

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Source : Mitsubishi admits fuel economy rigging

Mitsubishi announced Japanese carmaker misconduct from the economy in fuel consumption tests. Shares fell 15% overnight


Mitsubishi has admitted rigging the fuel tests, which could affect about 625,000 cars made Mitsubishi, including vehicles produced for April .

understands the problem in addition to applies only to the four cars, which are available only in Asia. These are the four superminis: eK Wagon in addition to eK more space fall under the Mitsubishi brand, while manufactured in Dayz in addition to Dayz Roox for Nissan. Of the 625,000 people affected, 468,000 units are designs in April, while 157,000 are Mitsubishi


Mitsubishi of which of which “conducted a test incorrectly to provide better fuel consumption than the actual rates rates; of which the test method was also different about one required by Japanese law. ” She added: “We express our deep apologies to all our customers in addition to stakeholders with This specific cause,”

Following the news, fell Mitsubishi Motors shares more than 15% in Japan, the biggest drop in one day almost 12 years.

South Korean automakers Hyundai in addition to agreed Kia subsidiary to pay $ 350 million in penalties to the US government in 2014 to exaggerate their vehicles fuel economy ratings.

acceptance of Mitsubishi Volkswagen scandal, the company follows the emissions from the past year, in addition to of which has rocked the automotive industry. 5.6M with damaged cars on a global level. This specific month, the Authority in addition to the German Federal Motor Transport (KBA) completion of the testing of diesel vehicles found of which only diesel vehicles of the Volkswagen group uses devices to address their emissions.

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Source: Mitsubishi admits fuel economy rigging

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