Mini Vision Next 100 concept revealed to celebrate BMW's 100th year

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Source : Mini Vision Next 100 concept revealed to celebrate BMW's 100th year

Mini Vision Next 100 concept concept offers a glimpse of the future of design in addition to technical in addition to Statistics, which will feature more connected in addition to autonomous systems


Statistics advanced the vehicle revealed a brand new concept to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its parent company, BMW .

Name Next Vision 100, four- seater compact presents brand new design proportions that will avoids retro-look of today’s miniature designs for a cleaner appearance. Was developed in response to what the company describes as “more digitalised world in addition to interconnected than ever”

simple concept – which was unveiled along with the 100 concept follows the vision of BMW stablemate Rolls-Royce [19459003-alsohighlightstheambitionsimplemodelsforthefuturetoprovidepersonalmobilityusingthelatestinautonomousdrivingtechnologyanddigitalintelligence

100 the following vision can be collected by the driver where you want the fully automated fashion in addition to adapt itself with pre-programmed personal preferences before arrival.

hinting at broader simple plans for a short rental term future designs through CarNow BMW scheme, said Adrian von Hooydonk, BMW design boss: “the idea seems to provide mobility Detailed. inside the future the idea may not be to actually owning a car to enjoy the benefits. ”

as well as the provision of Hands Off navigate the invitation of the basis of the call, says Statistics in addition to technology independent leadership allow future designs previewed by the following vision 100 free travel Golan to the charging station, car wash, garage or next user.

Despite the focus on the digital vision of simple virtues of the next 100, he said von Hooijdonk analog characteristics will become increasingly important in providing vehicles which has a distinct air inside the future.

in addition to as such, vision Next 100 in addition to two-piece wheels, which have a fixed disk in addition to the outer surface behind the idea that will rotates with the tire. “The idea,” says von Hooijdonk is usually to make each wheel look like a “piece of mechanical jewelry.”

held true to the time-honored maxim Statistics to provide the greatest possible space with the smallest possible impact, has simple design team succeeded in providing the following vision of 100 with the described Centeng as “not far Statistics by the very first again in 1959 “in terms of overall size.

in 3620mm, in addition to the vision of the next 100 is usually 560mm longer than the original Mini, nevertheless 270MM shorter than the current hatchback Statistics .

great length, as reviewed again for Statistics smaller plans in addition to put the idea under the existing hatchback type, a day after the Rocketman concept earlier.

compact dimensions are a result of the reduced need to distort the area of ​​the incident in future designs due to the adoption of zero-emission drive system without a huge mechanical components of the traditional combustion engine, Von Hooydonk says.

did not issue

Statistics any assertations firm on the payment system used by the Next Vision 100, although officials unveiled in London admitted today that will the company is usually working on various electrical solutions using technical knowledge of the parent company, BMW.

Statistics is usually no stranger to electric cars. Launched its first zero-emission type, in addition to 0 bhp Mini-E, once in 2009 as part of a development program that will preceded the creation of the brand BMW i in addition to the launch of I3.

fitted which has a 35kWh lithium-ion battery, the Mini-E in addition to claimed zero emission range up to 100 miles.

Despite the focus on self-driving technology governance in addition to customization, says Statistics will future designs continue to offer distinctive leadership provided by modeling experience today, describing the following Vision 100 as a “little in addition to nimble.”

“must still be a simple pleasure, so much creating sure that will drivers prefer to drive themselves – as often as possible,” says von Hooijdonk.

as part of a focus on simple hand leadership, in addition to provided a brand new vehicle concept with the so-called John Cooper Works performance, which says the idea will deal with the characteristics of future designs that will have been taken to a brand new level mode.

inside, Vision Next 100 previews much cleaner Inside design simple designs inside the future of those present. A look uncluttered dashboard, which is usually based on augmented reality to display a range of different functions, including information on the road, in addition to upon request, the ideal driving line.

to enhance the feeling of width within the Inside, the brand new concept car based on the front seat in addition to footwell full width. According to little, This particular allows easy access by both sides of the vehicle in addition to makes entry in addition to exit in crowded urban environments easier than experienced today.

When you activate autonomous status, steering wheel slides across to the positon inside the center of the dashboard. Pedals slide with the steering wheel to provide more legroom for the driver area. Despite the emergence of technology leadership self-governance, says Statistics will of the steering wheel is usually still an integral part of the Inside in future designs.

to switch by independent leadership to manual steering mode, the driver moves the steering wheel of the central authority’s position either to the left or right side, depending on where they have chosen to sit.

axis is usually inside the so-called Cooperizer. Founded in large circular tool in a central location modeled to resemble a tour of the central demand of the original simple designs, the idea allows the driver to choose different emanating by a set range of jobs, including driving systems in addition to entertainment independent in addition to communications, as part of efforts to provide greater for customization. Depending on the set-up that will is usually selected, in addition to then Cooperizer lights up in a range of different colors.

by pushing the “Inspire Me” button, the driver can also access the digital data relating to him / her site or the road. When the Next Vision 100 detects driving on appropriate roads, the idea allows the driver to switch to the John Cooper Works performance type of the potential performance inside the end.

with sharing a car set to boost, Statistics also says the Inside will need to be more difficult to wear inside the future. Concept uses the latest blend of recycled plastic in addition to aluminum floor panels, ceiling in addition to side. Stay away by traditional materials such as wood, leather in addition to chrome, the Inside of the Next Vision 100 also includes copper, basalt in addition to cellulose.

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Source: Mini Vision Next 100 concept revealed to celebrate BMW's 100th year

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