Mini Superleggera to take on Mazda MX-5 in 2019

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Source : Mini Superleggera to take on Mazda MX-5 in 2019


which Autocar image shows how Mini’s production Superleggera could look

Mini will bring a production type of its Superleggera roadster concept to market in 2019, that has a 227bhp JCW type also planned

Mini is usually pursuing plans for a completely new flagship roadster after what company insiders describe as an overwhelming response to its Superleggera concept, first revealed at the 2014 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy.

The completely new two-seater is usually intended as a direct rival to the completely new Mazda MX-5. which is usually likely to form part of a future 5-pillar Mini line-up, as an offshoot of the Cabriolet type, as well as has been conceived to use a range of powerplants. These include a completely new petrol-electric plug-in hybrid system which provides the basis for a 216bhp four-wheel-drive variant.

Speaking about plans to progress the Superleggera towards production, Mini boss Peter Schwarzenbauer said: “The interest was tremendous when we showed which concept car. We are at which point working hard to get which on the street. which’s an economically challenging project as well as there is usually no firm decision, yet we have a lot of people here which are fighting for which. I think which would certainly be extremely Great for the brand.”

The basis for the completely new Mini roadster is usually the short-wheelbase UKL platform of parent company BMW. which platform is usually also used by the current Mini hatchback. The versatile structure is usually described as being highly suitable for an open-top car because of its rigidity as well as low weight.

Unlike the rear-wheel-drive MX-5, the Superleggera is usually planned to be offered natively with front-wheel drive. The option of four-wheel drive is usually likely to be available for more powerful versions.

Schwarzenbauer insists the Superleggera is usually not seen inside the company as a replacement for the existing Coupé as well as Roadster products. “They don’t compare. The Superleggera is usually a serious sports car,” he said.

Power is usually supposed to come via a range of three-cylinder as well as four-cylinder petrol as well as diesel powerplants, all of which are used in different Minis. Ranging via 1.5 to 2.0 litres, they are likely to offer between 134bhp in an entry-level Cooper type as well as 227bhp in a John Cooper Works variant.

The plan to provide the completely new roadster that has a hybrid option has led one Mini official to describe the completely new roadster as a junior BMW i8. The official said: “The system is usually quite similar, although which has been turned 180deg to site the combustion engine at the front as well as the electric motor at the rear. which also provides the scope for on-demand four-wheel drive as well as electric drive up to 50mph.”

which completely new hybrid system will appear first on BMW’s 2 Series Active Tourer. which uses a front-mounted turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engine developing 134bhp as well as 162lb ft as well as a rear-mounted electric motor with 87bhp as well as 122lb ft. All up, which carries a total system output of 216bhp as well as 209lb ft of torque.

within the 2 Series Active Tourer, drive is usually channelled via the combustion engine to the front wheels through a six-speed automatic gearbox. The electric motor transfers its power to the rear wheels via a twin-speed gearbox also mounted at the rear in a structure which provides a distinct rearward weight bias.

Energy for the electric motor is usually provided by a relatively little 7.7kWh lithium ion battery which is usually also sited at the rear.

The first Mini to feature the completely new hybrid system will be the second-generation Countryman, due within the second half of 2017. which is usually supposed to be followed by the Superleggera roadster in 2019.

Stylistically, the completely new Mini roadster is usually supposed to lean heavily on the Superleggera concept car. Both longer as well as wider than the existing type, which has classic roadster proportions that has a long-by-Mini-standards nose, a two-seat cabin set well back within the wheelbase as well as a minimal rear overhang.

Overall, the Centeng is usually more heavily structured than which of existing Mini products. Prominent elements include a defined shoulder, distinct swage line as well as an abruptly curtailed rear end.

Plans to base the production type of the Superleggera around the UKL platform suggest which could be produced 
on the same production line 
as the hatchback at Mini’s Cowley plant within the UK.

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Source: Mini Superleggera to take on Mazda MX-5 in 2019

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