Mini saloon to be fifth design in fresh-look range

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Source : Mini saloon to be fifth design in fresh-look range

Mini saloon Autocar image owned company BMW- always promised us 5 “miraculous” types in its line-up because they are steps towards more cars rounded along with mature


fifth design in Statistics s long fresh look will be likely to be part of a luxury saloon from the global efforts to understand Autocar.

fresh design to ensure that will the idea can, in theory, lead to the return of the name Riley, who BMW owns the brand.

Although there will be no official confirmation via the addition of a tiny salon group, sources revealed that will on the cards as part of the fresh look along with the spirit of Statistics along with the evolution of the brand next logical.

, along with vowed Statistics from the third generation of types under my ownership of BMW to focus on doing 5 distinct design lines.

that will will be more diverse along with mature types, along with move away via the brand for more than the past, such as animation lately.

that will approach began with the fresh three-door hatchback along with 5 -door line one design, along with continued with Clubman along with transform , along with the second along with third. These types have resulted in a more grown-up identity of Statistics as a whole.

fourth fresh design, the second generation of larger along with more spacious than compatriot , we’ll see later that will year.

mystery surrounded the former fifth design line since the board member of BMW’s management with the simple responsibility, Peter Schwarzenbauer, first spoke of the “superheroes” plan 5 in 2014.

yet Autocar today realize that will the idea will be a saloon, mainly targeted at the North American along with Chinese markets, yet the idea will be available globally.

Speaking to Autocar at the fresh York recently, the idea was Vice President of Product Management Statistics Ralph Mahler did not confirm plans for the salon directly, yet did not reveal that will simple pledged all kinds of analysis on different. Market trends along with sectors

said: “For example, in Asia along with the United States, along with sedan [the salon] a very large segment. that will will be very interesting for us, of course.”

He said that will the important heritage for Statistics pointed out that will the company’s history of doing saloons with Riley Elf along with Olcilaa Hornet types, although he admitted the most recent buyers Statistics would certainly

“, the concept sedan in our history “I said I do not know that will will be. “So we have roots there. We have to look at the idea in a realistic way. Customers may be aware of the strong heritage of the concept car, yet the idea has never been [soldinlargequantitiesMostcustomersdonothardlyknowitsoitisuptotheheritage?”

said Mahler was very important for the history Statistics whole. “Heritage will be our core,” he said. She added, “the idea will play a big role along with the idea’s a matter of our customers along with will always ask.”

in reference to the saloon types are more common in Eastern Europe, China along with North America than in Western Europe, said Mahler was “always more attractive if you can sell a design all over the planet”

yet he added: “You can have global sales of 150,000 or 0,000 from the region, along with that will will be easy to respond to”

that will means that will the salon should target those named markets, yet the desire to grow the brand on the level the planet must also mean the saloon will be offered in all markets, including the United Kingdom.

also the idea hints at the potential for sales growth. For Statistics by entering fresh sectors completely instead of doing niche along with often derivatives risk of the same design, as the idea has done previously

sold a record 338,466 units worldwide in 2015 – a huge number considering that will the most prevalent Clubman only went on sale in October.

with compatriot similarly more prevalent arrive soon, which should increase the attractiveness fresh salon from the pipeline, the annual Statistics, sales could exceed eventually 500,000, which will make the brand much more viable. As for the name of the salon, along with contact Riley to the simple one will be intriguing.

BMW still owns the trademarks of Riley along with the victory after the break-up along with sale of MG Rover Group in 2000.

name the fresh saloon “Riley” will be the signal-to-date Statistics salon yet, if used, Riley’s name will be a design instead of a brand in itself.

fresh Clubman will be likely to provide the basis for a tiny salon, with the sharing of 2670mm wheelbase along with bodywork forward of the B- pillars pair.

rear uniquely designed to accommodate three-box sedan look. We expect a length of about 4300mm, which still makes the idea one of the smaller saloons for sale, because of the simple desire will be always the smallest car in its class to make.

successfully launched


Mahler along with re-launch the brand simple along with has been successful along with the customers responded well.

“I have returned the auto as bigger along with more mature along with not playful as the idea was,” he

“The customers are growing, the brand will be growing as well. Evolution of the brand, like everything else evolves .

“there has been a very positive reaction via the idea. When you first launch the auto, you have people say simple will be not the same as the idea was before – the rejectors early – yet after 12 to 15 months, along with we do not hear via them again. “

Mahler. He said that will paying a premium probably continue having a fresh compatriot along with saloon.

“, we will evolve,” said the Internal, in particular, are likely to get more than ever outstanding. he. “We are heading that will way, the right way along with the idea will continue to do so. the idea will be not exaggerated. the idea’s the right balance along with that will’s what I want to brand “

in reference to the next fellow, along with said:” What you see with the Clubman [push upmarket her], we would certainly not expect anything additional than just for that will to continue [compatriot] ” .

along with his compatriot, as will be the case with all of the fresh set Minnie, will be based on the parent company’s B platform BMW UKL1.

called sources the idea “SUV more realistic”, with four-wheel drive offered along with the cabin roomier as part of an overall increase from the size of the vehicle.

Statistics would certainly provide a plug-in hybrid engines from the future, along with stressed Mahler, hinting that will were likely to enter into that will technology compatriot along with Clubman.


Mahler also Statistics that will will keep its group wide range of customization options yet that will will be at a time to be more distinctive, with top quality material on display, for. example

as part of a focus on 5 basic types, will not be replaced coupe, sedan along with Paceman


Mahler: “Ever since I was brand tiny car, 338,000 units along with sales of the past year, we have to continue to focus along with give priority to customers who wish to personalities along with different concepts. We are trying to get everything very separate. Paceman along with compatriot actually close to each additional along with, from the future, we instead be divided into pieces. “

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Source: Mini saloon to be fifth design in fresh-look range

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