Mercedes to invest £2.3bn in more efficient engine technology

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Source : Mercedes to invest £2.3bn in more efficient engine technology

Mercedes diesel engine tech automaker vows to improve exhaust emissions with brand new recycling technology as well as also particulate filters for all types


Mercedes says which will invest nearly £ 2.3 billion from the development of engine technology as well as also improve efficiency, so as to clean the emissions before the electric motor begins to take over.

German car maker has already launched a unit of brand new diesel entirely, offered for the 1st time with the brand new Category E , which is usually said to be more exhaust gas effective system circular which has been packaged more tightly to improve efficiency advantage, as well as selective catalytic reduction technology, which helps to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

brand new diesel engine four-cylinder, dubbed OM 654, which is usually claimed to be able to figure fuel economy of 72.4mpg combined from the brand new E 220 d as well as also produces only 102g of CO2 / How many. which’s the 1st time many of the diesel by the brand new Mercedes engine family, scheduled to be issued across the whole range by at which point until 2019.

says Mercedes of these units have already come from the context of emissions which will be implemented within the European Union in September 2017. She claims limits the developed modules with real leadership from the mind of the planet, as well as also as such, the unit from the E 220 d can emit less than 80mg / km of NOx in normal driving conditions, with which number drops to less than as 13mg / km at ambient temperatures low.

gasoline engines for particulate filters

Mercedes claims which will be the first some sort of to equip the vast majority of gasoline-powered cars “with filters particles – a system which is usually commonly used exclusively with diesel because less of the particles associated with the quantities of gasoline

However, the Mercedes has pledged to equip versions of gasoline by Class S with the first particle filters before adding which to the types following from the coming years.

Interestingly, Mercedes has already made reference to the progressive electric motors absorption. According to the automotive industry from the latest style has the funds which invest in combustion engines helps keep them effective by the “market success on a wide range of electric cars, “which refers to the future of which size which could soon be directed towards energy fossil-fueled instead of investments.

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Source: Mercedes to invest £2.3bn in more efficient engine technology

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