Mercedes plots huge push towards digitalisation

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Source : Mercedes plots huge push towards digitalisation

Mercedes Me German factory to enhance Mercedes-data, from the ‘online ecosystem “for customers, over the next decade


Increasingly future Digital is actually vital for Mercedes-Benz if the brand is actually to remain a leading force from the automotive industry, according to the sales in addition to marketing of Ola Källenius coach, talk to Autocar at the recent show of fresh York.

“in addition to companies almost all in All industries are going digital, so you have to stay from the future, “he said

was.” If you visit the CES [consumerElectronicsshowinLasVegasafewyearsagotherewerecarsthereNowtherearealotofcarsandeventechnologycompanieshavecarsontheirpositionsTherewillbeatremendousdevelopmentduringthefiveyearstothenext10years”


Källenius This particular as part of a big push to digitize Mercedes’, created a Mercedes-Me, a portal application designed to make This particular easy for customers to do things like book service car or appointment from the deal.

“you can configure a car or even order one online, so we are already doing This particular easier to be part of the Mercedes experience with This particular on the Internet in addition to said the ecosystem” Källenius.


digitize also helps to improve the customer experience when they are on the move, with Källenius, citing recent improvements to the vehicle connectivity as a key area of ​​development “car to Q ‘. Car to X communication includes vehicles to exchange information with some other vehicles electronically, as well as with the infrastructure of the movement


Källenius: “We are currently from the process of the 3G’s 4 G to 5g, you will have better communication wherever you are. This particular means in which we have to communicate with your phone types, in addition to each some other, in addition to even our back-end servers. ”

However, This particular is actually not required to lead to a decline from the traditional face-l This particular investment in existing technology on the Internet facing services in addition to systems

. “When This particular comes to communicating with customers point – both digital in addition to physical, in addition to the key is actually to do – sell cars, automotive service,” said Källenius. “I think, especially for luxury brand such as Mercedes, human touch is actually perhaps more important today to set us apart.


Källenius extended recent Mercedes-Me network of stores as the” brand “experience in which apply” with Louis Vuitton clubs, you get on the personal experience of your own when you walk around, with assistant shop there to help you, “he said the same logic to customer service as they do for Louis Vuitton stores.

.” actually, This particular’s just the experience to be there. “

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Source: Mercedes plots huge push towards digitalisation

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