Mercedes GLC fuel cell due next year

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Source : Mercedes GLC fuel cell due next year

Mercedes-Benz fuel cell to gain access to a range of between 500km, will be the Mercedes fuel cell GLC comes with two tanks of hydrogen battery has been confirmed


a Mercedes GLC hydrogen fuel cell type by the brand, with the production edition due next year, although UK buyers face a longer wait.

along with GLC F- cell will also have a rechargeable battery pack, creating the idea the globe’s first plug-in hybrid fuel cell. the idea contains a pile compact cell in which he was involved in along with developed with Ford along with the idea fits inside the space which can be usually the engine compartment. the idea can be sent to a motor electric power which drives the rear wheels. There will not be a copy Rbaih- wheel-.

need to achieve Mercedes ‘target range of 500km (310 miles) means two F- cell of hydrogen tanks, both made of woven carbon fiber can be very strong. the idea can be one longitudinally mounted under the center of the auto along with the different crosswise at the back. Total hydrogen energy can be 4.3KG, along with stored at 700bar along with not bad for 280-mile range claimed. Extra 30 miles 8kWh comes through the battery pack sited above the rear tank.

sales next year will begin in areas which already have a reasonable density of hydrogen filling stations, including Japan along with California. He said Mercedes has not taken any decision on when – or indeed whether – the auto to bring to the United Kingdom after

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Source: Mercedes GLC fuel cell due next year

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