Mercedes Future Bus concept revealed

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 - autos

Source : Mercedes Future Bus concept revealed

Mercedes future bus has revealed the concept of an independent bus by Mercedes-Benz, which states that will the future of public transport


that will will be, along with Mercedes future bus, a concept that will its maker claims will be safer along with more environmentally friendly along with more comfortable than any various other bus, which says the item will be “a milestone” on the road to a fully independent buses operating on the roads

the bus design to work out what Mercedes-called rapid transit buses (BRT) lanes, uses 10 cameras that will combine long-radar a short walk to chart the way while communicating with photovoltaic systems to ensure travels quickly optimized at all times to avoid stopping unnecessarily, wasting fuel along with causing discomfort, while always stay from the lane along with track surrounding the traffic of up to 0 meters before

Using a sophisticated system to ACTROS trucks – called on the highway leading to that will use, nevertheless a pilot city on the bus – the bus will be able to pay semi independently, recognizing colors along with light infantry along with stop automatically when the bus with “precision centimetric” positions


Mercedes buses. Means of transport will be ideal for independent redundant technology because they always operate on the same road to a specific timetable, which makes the item easier to map the environment in which the item operates. the item highlights the fact that will the item can be programmed functions independently to recognize along with work in tunnels or at the intersections of the complex ways in interest to make the system more simple than a car, for example, to be the way data repair along with so can Cameras compared to pre-load images via the vicinity of

despite the fact that will the driver will be still needed to be at the wheel of the law at the present time, says Mercedes systems – leading to Mercedes S-Class three years ago – will be the more accurate “than the driver can the wish of ever manually to achieve from the process day after day. ” will be set level of independence in two out of all 5 level, that will means that will the bus has the function of keeping warm along with guidance helped the longitudinal acceleration along with braking.

along with has already been tested from the future bus prototype form from the closed areas along with ran on a public road for the 1st time on the road for 30 minutes between Amsterdam along with Haarlem recently. right now the item will undergo testing on public roads in Stuttgart after the local government there are completely new regulations issued to allow the testing semi-autonomous.

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Source: Mercedes Future Bus concept revealed

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