Mercedes-Benz to preview brand-new electric SUV

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Source : Mercedes-Benz to preview brand-new electric SUV

Mercedes-Benz GLC


SUV electric quartet can share common ties with Mercedes-Benz GLC

concept SUV electrical been set for the Paris show for the 1st time as well as will preview the production type in which will compete with the Tesla product X

Mercedes-Benz plans to preview the first step in what he described as insiders senior as electrical widely vehicle strategy with the unveiling the brand-new concept of pure electric-powered SUV inside the next Paris Motor show .

brand-new concept, currently under construction inside the workshop of the Mercedes-Benz product inside the Stuttgart suburbs in Germany, as well as will be said to provide a “clear picture” inside the outdoor, Indoor appointments, technical, planning as well as dimensions of the college for the first electric car truly dedicated German car maker – SUV product uniquely conceived to take on Tesla product X , as well as electric SUV brand-new cars planned by Audi as well as Jaguar .

Mercedes-Benz group to Discharge the four electric vehicles by 2020

SUV useless brand-new emissions, initially planned for introduction in 2019 , will be the first in a series of brand-new electric vehicles currently under development at Mercedes-Benz, including advanced Any- saloon competitor market of Tesla product S recently unveiled if Aiko, who has, insiders reveal, been conceived around the latest technology inside the leadership of the autonomy.

so far, Mercedes-Benz has on the basis of a limited number of electric vehicles in production throughout the current versions, the Smart Fortwo as well as class (b).

with the unveiling of the concept cars of the brand-new SUV in Paris in late September, Mercedes-Benz will make public its plans for a range of electric vehicles on a unique geometries modeled as offering an alternative to the existing range of more conventional gasoline as well as diesel versions as well as hybrid-powered .

as well as providing evidence of the brand-new electric car platform under development at Mercedes-Benz – the items in which will be shared type soon to be revealed hydrogen fuel missile cells coming from GLC, also will be set concept cars of the brand-new SUV to previews of brand brand-new proportions design developed by a team of designers inside the group home to be adopted by the next production type of the SUV’s brand-new electric.

“I have created a whole brand-new look in which takes into account the unique properties of electric vehicles,” a Mercedes-Benz official with knowledge of the concept of the brand-new electric car Autocar revealed inside the brand-new E-class real estate launch in Stuttgart on Monday.

At the same time, Mercedes-Benz marketing boss, Ola Kallenius, has hinted the German car maker has been moving to strengthen its electric vehicle efforts with the entry into Formula as well as E.

Speaking about rumors the German car maker will be actively planning to join Jaguar Renault , Citroen as well as Volkswagen in support of single-seat electric car series global race, said Kallenius: “There will be no resolution at the moment, however we are looking at in which with great interest. in which provides an exciting platform for interesting electric cars although in which will be important for us to ensure in which no transfer of a clear technology of cars on our roads.”

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Source: Mercedes-Benz to preview brand-new electric SUV

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