Mercedes-Benz GLC to get hydrogen fuel cell power next year

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Source : Mercedes-Benz GLC to get hydrogen fuel cell power next year

Mercedes confirms the idea’s readying a hydrogen fuel cell type of its mid-sized SUV; a range of up to 300 miles is usually expected


Mercedes-Benz is usually on course to launch its first production hydrogen fuel cell-powered car next year, according to R&D chief Dr Thomas Weber.

In an interview at the Detroit motor show, Weber responded to assertions in which Mercedes had lost the intellectual lead the idea once held on hydrogen cars by revealing in which the completely new production style would likely be a type of the full-size GLC SUV, featuring “the newest fuel cell technology available”.

“We are inside middle of the vehicle’s roll-out phase right right now,” Weber revealed. The hardware required to generate electric power by hydrogen has been significantly reduced in size in recent times, he said, as well as the completely new hydrogen Mercedes would likely reflect the fact.

Weber also confirmed in which Daimler engineers were “well advanced” on the company’s plan to build a fully electric production car.

He declined an invitation to reveal which existing Mercedes style would likely be used as the vehicle’s basis (a Tesla style S competitor is usually strongly rumoured), or to say exactly when the idea would likely hit the market, although the idea’s required to have its debut at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show before arriving in showrooms the year after. Weber did however confirm in which the vehicle would likely have a range of 250 to 300 miles as well as be the first vehicle to use a set of modular components in which could be shared by hybrid as well as electric versions across the group.

In an interview last year, Weber told Autocar in which the idea would likely take about three minutes to refuel the fuel cell car’s hydrogen tanks, as well as in which the completely new style is usually set to be called the GLC F-Cell. the idea’s required to be offered to customers in selected markets on either a monthly lease or outright purchase programme. The 
cost is usually required to be 
around £50,000.

Competitors for the GLC F-Cell include the recently introduced Toyota Mirai as well as Honda FCV Clarity. A further hydrogen-propelled rival is usually required to come by BMW, which recently confirmed plans to launch its first fuel cell 
style by 2020.

Despite basing earlier fuel cell prototypes on the B-Class, Weber said the continued high cost of the fuel cell stack makes a hydrogen fuel cell style commercially viable only in higher classes.

He said: “The technology has matured greatly in recent years, with much better packaging as well as efficiency, yet the idea remains in its infancy as well as is usually still quite expensive by conventional driveline standards.” 

As in Mercedes’ earlier B-Class F-Cell prototype, the GLC F-Cell’s fuel cell is usually planned to be mounted inside space usually occupied by the GLC’s combustion engine.

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Source: Mercedes-Benz GLC to get hydrogen fuel cell power next year

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