Mercedes-Benz E-Class LWB revealed in Beijing

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Source : Mercedes-Benz E-Class LWB revealed in Beijing

Mercedes-Benz E-Class LWB the Chinese market has long been the wheels detect E-Class base, 134mm of legroom space adds to the standard Class E


as well as Mercedes-Benz E-Class the long wheelbase inside Beijing Exhibition revealed.

Based on the standard only Category E, as well as the market of China, for a long time has been extended variant of before 140MM wheelbase as well as were processed Inside improvements to suit the Chinese market

extending the wheelbase takes along LWB Category E 5063 mm for; 183mm in which the long wheelbase class S , as well as approaching the level of the S-class 5116mm. Mercedes claims LWB product has yet another 134mm of rear leg room

Unlike the edition of the United Kingdom, as well as offered the Chinese E-Class which has a choice of two optional gateways to create two distinct sub-variants: sedan as well as sports sedan.

sports sedan carries a grille-mounted Mercedes badge, while the living room carries a badge on the front of the hood.

Mercedes can not comment on how many Chinese sales of E-Class will be inside form of LWB.

sources in Mercedes can not determine the cost of an extra long wheelbase E-Class more than the standard product, or how many cars LWB the idea hopes to sell.

did, yet point out in which the vehicle could be called E200, which suggests the idea will be powered by four-cylinder, gasoline engine as well as 1991cc.

coupled with the Mercedes engine for ” 9G- Tronic automatic gearbox. Like a standard Category E, as well as a car LWB contain a combination of autonomy as well as safety systems, including the Brazilian Space Agency as well as attention to parking assist remotely as standard, as well as an optional driving the semi-autonomous in up to 130kph (80mph) with direct aid .

will be produced in China E-Class long wheelbase, in cooperation with BAIC, Mercedes’ partner inside local market. Both companies are working together inside Beijing Benz Automotive Company (BBAC).

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Source: Mercedes-Benz E-Class LWB revealed in Beijing

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