Mercedes-AMG SL 63 spied chassis testing

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Source : Mercedes-AMG SL 63 spied chassis testing

Mercedes-AMG SL 63 spied chassis testing has been spotted hot completely new Mercedes convertible bodywork difficult test on the Nurburgring disguised in uniforms Coupe Category S


Next Mercedes-Benz SL has been spied testing long before his appearance is actually expected.


SL in addition to the current around in facelifted form since late 2015, so the item may be the next generation of the SL is actually still at least two years more away if the item follows the chronological record of the cycles product.

Currently, SL 63 produces 577bhp – at the same E 63 S because they use the same engine inside the same state of tune


in addition to as such, the item is actually likely in which the entry-level AMG tuned SL 63 power output will be the same E 63 , recently he leaked details inside the document. If This kind of is actually the case, can the SL 63 is actually 603bhp in addition to 627 lb-ft of torque coming from the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine.

also weigh

cars exacly the same – 1845kg – inside the current iteration in addition to a 0-62mph time of 4.1sec with the old 5.5-liter V8 with


in addition to S 63 Cabriolet quicker to 62mph by 0.2sec in addition to still uses the old engine, so the item’s safe to assume in which the engine SL will be inside the same case-control, in addition to in which when the S 63 adopts a smaller engine, the item could be more powerful than the SL in addition to 19,459,010 ] cars in which carry the E-class AMG badges.

all 63 in addition to 43 ranges Mercedes AMG to share the same V8 in addition to V6 engines which, although the item is actually not yet clear if the item will be offered inside the Mercedes SL 43 AMG guise known.


a spokesman for Mercedes-Benz the item is actually unlikely in which the Mercedes AMG range will be extended to 43 SL, given in which the SL 400 uses the same engine group 43, with the same power output. The spokesman also said in which details of the agreement have to be very thin on the ground in such an early stage of development.

However, if you give 43 Pointing to the SL, they’d almost certainly replace SL 400 in addition to be a point AMG entry-level product inside the SL line-up. At the same time, the item will continue to produce AMG V12 engines, so the item is actually safer bet in which Major SL 65 will return again.

test mule wore modified S-Class Coupe Centeng, that has a shorter rear window in addition to revised wheelbase. Another source said in which the next product inside the line of development coming from Mercedes.

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Source: Mercedes-AMG SL 63 spied chassis testing

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