Mercedes-AMG GT S tuned to 604bhp

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Source : Mercedes-AMG GT S tuned to 604bhp

German tuner Piecha boosts Mercedes-AMG GT S to 604bhp brand new Piecha tuning company GT-RSR incorporates a claimed 0-62mph time of 3.7sec along with top speed of 205 mph for enhanced


German tuner Piecha revealed tuned type of their Mercedes AMG GT S .

-based company revealed Rottweil-only GT-RSR, which Drenchis standard sports car with upgrades, cosmetics, air along with enhances the engine’s power coming from 503bhp to 604bhp. in which can be accompanied by extra muscle by thumping 620lb ft of torque, up coming from 479lb ft according to the standards.

As a result, according to Piecha, enables 0-62mph time of 3.7sec, 3.8sec down coming from the normal of S GT, along having a top speed of 205mph, up coming from 193mph.

visually, fins Alkrbone- GT RSR gains, which calls Piecha “air wings,” on the front apron. Side sills along with rear diffuser, each hewn coming from carbon fiber, also add to a more aggressive look. Sills her landing facing the LED lights in which shine when you open the doors. in which has added a wide, rigid carbon fiber spoiler, too, even though the unit retractable remain beneath the plant.


technical upgrades hiatus of more than a coil Piecha tires V105 Yokohama sport goes – ZR19s 275/35 at the front along with 305/30 at the back ZR20s

The extra power comes coming from the development of software inside the form of unit additional European cash in which installs Piecha along with original box program Mercedes -AMG. The system also remains exhaust factory, although Piecha added tips blows 90mm round to replace the trapezoidal plant pipes.

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Source: Mercedes-AMG GT S tuned to 604bhp

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