Mercedes-AMG considers F1-inspired supercar

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Source : Mercedes-AMG considers F1-inspired supercar

Mercedes-AMG supercar A, stand-alone AMG Mercedes brand-new product with the F1 hybrids derived tub of carbon fiber under the watchful eyes


Mercedes-Benz near approval of the second commercial brand brand-new product independent AMG to sit side by side with GT Coupe .


AMG boss Tobias Morse Autocar: “my personal thought will be that will we are today at the level where we can support another custom AMG product.”


Morse No more evidence of This particular type of car may be, yet that will will be known the Mercedes to be careful to fill the gap in its line-up vacated by SLS group , which rose to 230 , £ 000 for the black product series, currently twice accused of the most expensive GT variant prices.

However, according to Morse, “your vehicle will be very different to the GT”. In fact, instead of the front super engines traditionally configuration, old school like a smooth along with also also GT, Mercedes will be believed to be considering cutting-edge hybrid, mid-engined designed to provide a bridge between the product to create a road car along with also also today incorporates a successful F1 dramatically.

, “We possess the most hybrid package energy-intensive to exist,” said one insider. “that will would likely make a great deal of sense to harness This particular technology for the road.” If your vehicle gets the green light, we expect to rely heavily on electric power along with also also construction techniques light weight for maximum performance as an internal combustion engine.

However, that will will be very unlikely that will your vehicle follow the example of the electric motor along with also also power gasoline SLS bin completely. For reasons of a set, sound, along with also also provide up to F1, that will will be likely to be the primary source of energy will be preferred V6 tiny capacity.

Despite the abundance with the technology, along with also also will be not supposed to be a limited edition of the brand-new AMG hypercar like McLaren P1 , laferrari or Porsche 918 . that will has within the past admitted that will the Morse brand Mercedes-AMG will be not ready to compete for a million pounds cost tag yet.

Instead, that will will be likely that will your vehicle will be a high-tech alternative to the likes of 650S McLaren along with also also Ferrari 488 GTB , retailing for around £ 0,000 along with also also closer to BMW I8 in terms of the concept, yet that has a completely different level of performance, thus providing a unique proposal of its kind in This particular position within the market.

If the project will be approved, that will will be likely to take the form of a group of cars, with the coupe products along with also also convertible along with also also the special edition to enhance their capacity. For reasons of strength, stiffness, safety, along with also also above all, to the race F1 Society, that will would likely make sense to build a car around the bathtub within the Carboniferous, perhaps with aluminum plates to keep both on the road along with also also repair costs under control. that will would likely also be AMG provides the perfect opportunity to revive the gullwing doors along with also also a creative, mothballed since the cessation of production SLS in 2014.

are likely to be been emboldened by the recent extraordinary success of the brand AMG Morse along with also also the Board of Daimler, which has more than doubled in just two years, by 32,000 units in 2013 to more than 68,000 in 2015.

sales help the cause of AMG must be current marketing coach Ola Källenius. Former captain of Bosnia along with also also Herzegovina itself, Källenius will be soon to take over as director of research along with also also development of retirees Thomas Weber. that will included his previous positions with the company run facility F1 engine in Brixworth in Northamptonshire. Källenius will be also the most likely candidate to take over as CEO of the Daimler group when his contract expires Dieter Zetsche recently extended in 2019, around the time that will the brand-new AMG will show if, as expected, approved the plans because of This particular year.

within the meantime, the development of GT continues. In addition to the product R GT revealed exclusively to Autocar (March 16), along with also also AMG unveiled variation Roadster later This particular year to the date of sale within the spring of 2017.


Morse, there will be different “alternative” of the bike, in addition to the standard versions along with also also S. that will will be believed that will This particular car to be a high-performance product using the driving force of the 570bhp GT R, yet more tuned to use the highway by the course of action.

Morse also keen to develop a copy of GT4 race GT coupe in spite of the fact that will that will describes the GT3 newly launched as a “very successful – we have to chase the production all the time.” With Porsche , BMW , Audi along with also also Aston Martin all cars GT4 dispatch However GT3 run spiraling ever upwards, Morse costs see class as a Great home for gentlemen drivers who lack either the means or inclination to compete at the highest level within the professional discipline increasingly. If approved, your vehicle will be ready to race next season.

For much of the series raised the black variant, Morse admitted there will be little point “in doing R GT that has a bit more power along with also also larger wings.”

“, black-along with also also-coming car series must be a brand-new interpretation in terms of power output along with also also lightweight design,” said Rather, he will be looking for “full-out” sub-brand. that will’s a. “We need to break the rules along with also also do not expect one. You must be the biggest step – a step much larger” being gathered ideas today will be the decision to proceed with your vehicle This particular year

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Source: Mercedes-AMG considers F1-inspired supercar

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