Meet the man who set a Nurburgring lap record in a Porsche Panamera

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Source : Meet the man who set a Nurburgring lap record in a Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera Turbo


Porsche Panamera Turbo has lapped the Nurburgring attack

Panamera Porsche’s brand new Nordschleife in 38sec 7min fast. We asked the driver Lars Kern What on earth was thinking

Porsche test as well as an engine for development Lars Kern admits he was “a little confused” when his superiors have said they were planning a high-wage fast lap of the Nurburgring Nordschleife in Turbo Panamera brand new.

“usually do This kind of kind of thing with the Boxster 911 or,” he says, “however engineers were confident This kind of was going to work.”

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first generation Panamera Turbo S put a very fast standard 46sec 7min, however Kern – who was the driver Porsche for four years – was not sure where they can make up more time

not least because the turbo 4.0-liter V8 inside Panamera Turbo brand new develops 542bhp, as well as adults. The Turbo S 562bhp.

“inside lap of existing felt not bad as well as quick start I had no idea where to find the last eight seconds. Panamera Turbo is actually very less energy … I said to myself, ‘This kind of is actually going to be interesting,” “he says.

stepped up pressure reaches even further than in which when he saw the plate number of a car bearing the number “738”, in reference to the time the goal 7min 38sec in which engineers Porsche wants to achieve – as well as in which hit exactly. Kern set a brand new standard for a luxury saloon – admittedly somewhat niche lap to set the record, however moving to a certain extent for a car of This kind of type

The Panamera is actually equipped using a safety cage, equipment seat races as well as telemetry. however otherwise non-specification showroom, riding on the tire road Yokohama. however there is actually no getting away through the fact in which This kind of is actually a large, long car, using a lot of weight even in front courtesy of the internal combustion engine.

says Kern advances in suspension as well as tire technology as well as lighter the weight of great benefit, as well as the brand new system, such as the rear wheels by Porsche Panamera as well as installed on the second-generation routing.

“in a slow as well as narrow parts of the road the auto is actually actually amazing,” he says. “With rear-wheel steering, This kind of turns well as well as very graceful. I was sitting inside driver’s seat as well as you know in which you have a lot of length of the auto behind you, however just turns out well.”

quick lap, as well as was the auto running inside development of leadership The most extreme, sport +, as well as management stability Porsche (PSM) has been stopped.

Kern saw speeds around 183mph on the main straight for a long Nordschleife. “This kind of does not feel scary in This kind of car because This kind of is actually very stable. When you have all the settings in Sport + mode, all in which is actually solid as well as responsive however still comfortable to drive, so This kind of is actually not bouncing around on the bumps.”

Panamera Turbo, still smeared with dirt as well as flies directly through the Eifel Mountains, as well as was on display at the official reveal of the brand new Panamera in Berlin yesterday evening. This kind of is actually unlikely in which many owners will carry on the Nurburgring in their £ 100K plus LUXO- saloons, however Porsche is actually important to prove in which the auto is actually at least capable of doing so.

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Source: Meet the man who set a Nurburgring lap record in a Porsche Panamera

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