Meet the man who drives Audi Sport forward on the race track

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Source : Meet the man who drives Audi Sport forward on the race track

Audi R18 Silverstone Ashraf Wolfgang Ullrich each of the victories of the famous Le Mans Audi yet his desire to win the race remains as powerful as any ever


for a man of 65, Audi ‘s head of motorsport Wolfgang Ullrich has huge reserves of energy in addition to drive.

Friday night, in addition to uniforms Audi Sport Team Joest ready to race the International Federation of Car Championship endurance weekend at Silverstone, he left the ring at 0345hrs, after he oversaw the mechanics take off in addition to rebuild hybrid products turbodiesel team. The Ulrich in addition to then again inside the path before 0700hrs to prepare for the qualifiers on Saturday.

Brand fresh because of in which season, in addition to use a different type of hybrid system compared with machines 2015, R18s in which season is usually a complex piece seriously. Several demand for forensic level of attention by men with screwdrivers, wrenches in addition to laptops

says he was always excessive motivated during the weekend race – in addition to he will not sleep through the race Le Mans 24 hours – even though the only thing in which has changed as he got older is usually in which “these days the idea takes me longer to recover.” However, inside the last year the idea happened with the contract extension For 2 years, in addition to in which means in which he would likely stay on top until the end of the 2017 race season.

Austrian oversaw the activities of motorsport Audi since 1993, guiding the Audi’s 13 victories at Le Mans 24 hours in 16 years, steady run stunning success in such sports can not predict. When the idea is usually not busy with sports cars, there’s DTM touring cars, the fresh Audi Sport TT Cup in addition to countless activities customer racing R8 LMS with supervision.

sweetest victory of Le Mans for a lot, he says, is usually still the first one in 2000, when he won the Frank Biela, Tom Kristensen in addition to Emanule Peru for inside the Audi R8. Ulrich says in which although Audi has achieved inside the past a lot of success with the competition cars based on production, in addition to the idea was the challenge of starting by a clean sheet of paper in addition to create a product of a huge zero, doing the podium sweet shut-out in particular.

in response to a question about how the idea can maintain such a range of success, Ulrich says guard against complacency inconclusive. Each year offers the opposition must ensure in which Audi is usually moving forward as well. Hence the reason between right now in addition to Le Mans 24 hours in June, the team will implement a two-day 30-hour race simulation, in addition to pay R18 components beyond the level of durability because the idea would likely require the 24-hour race at Le Mans in June

inside the past year, Audi’s second-best for Porsche at Le Mans, as well as WEC title fight. Behind the scenes, though, the idea was a year of change for Audi Sport, who left the supermarket earlier he had called home in Ingolstadt in addition to moved to a fresh facility in Neuberg, about 12 miles by the main office. Base state-of-the-art Audi gives all the resources in which you need to grab the lead again by a stable-mate of the Volkswagen Group.

cars perspective on the roads, the any in addition to are planning to enhance Audi Sport as a stand-alone brand subsidiary, which is usually equivalent to a wide range of BMW M or Mercedes AMG . in addition to revered RS Audi cars on the roads in addition to various other high-performance products such as Audi R8 in addition to therefore can take advantage of the golden glow to any success on the track in a way in which comes Audi Sport.

Audi Sport is usually under the control of quattro GmbH, Otaaan former Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann as CEO of Quattro set earlier in which year the stage for the activities of the brand Audi Sport to become more pronounced.

division Ulrich will play a key role. Says there ready exchange of engineering information between race in addition to road elements of the company. the idea is usually not just a race to inform the automotive developers on the roads – the team if the latter wants a particular piece of technology in which has evolved rapidly, they can use intensive environment in which is usually moving rapidly by a race team as a bed testing

what the idea all makes perfect sense, especially when the idea comes to developing hybrid technology in which can be used to enhance the capacity of cars on the roads of high performance inside the future.

All Audi Sport needs right now is usually to get back on the pace of those annoying when the idea meets Porsche teams in France in June. Make the fresh R18 encouraging start today when confronted Andre Lotterer, Benoit Treluyer in addition to Marcel Fassler Porsche to achieve victory. The suspect Ulrich sleep well tonight.

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Source: Meet the man who drives Audi Sport forward on the race track

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