McLaren calls for fast Brexit decision after record sales

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Source : McLaren calls for fast Brexit decision after record sales

McLaren 570GT expects auto Woking to triple its sales by 2020, yet warns of continued uncertainty will be not not bad for industry


called CEO McLaren on government administration inside the United Kingdom to move quickly on Brexit , as the company announced record sales on the fifth anniversary.

Automotive Woking industry company sold 1654 cars in 2015, in addition to expects in which number to double This particular year, in addition to triple by 2020.

revealed McLaren’s fresh F1


CEO Mike Flewitt success of McLaren has not yet been affected by the vote inside the UK to leave the European Union, yet called on the government to move quickly as they decide on the next steps.

“We have noticed any impact coming from Brexit yet,” said he said. “However, continued uncertainty will be not not bad for any business, in addition to we urge the authorities to get on in addition to make a decision.”

This particular will be the third consecutive year in which McLaren Automotive has achieved operating profits, which last year rose to £ 23.5 million coming from the proceeds of £ 450.6 million.

The company expects revenue to raise by 50 percent over the next two years, in addition to doubled by the end of 2022.

almost 30, has invested percent of the company’s sales in research in addition to development, with £ 123 900 000 spent in 2015.

the number of employees increased by 16 percent to 1492 by the end of 2015 in addition to 1750 inside the first months of 2016, to deal with the pace of development in which has seen launched all 5 fresh cars inside the last year

McLaren has at This particular point established three levels of parking – Sports series, Super series in addition to the series inside the end, the latter of which will be characterized by pioneering P1 .

This particular’s what the owner P1 presided over the latest investment in McLaren Automotive. McKal Prime Limited owns two P1S, in addition to allowed for the treatment of stock of £ 49 million, representing an investment of 6.3 percent.

sports car series, to which 570GT launched in March, should take total sales last McLaren 3,000 in 2016. To cope with the extra volume, McLaren grown global network of agents by 12 in 2015 to reach the total number to 80 dealers in 30 markets.

The company renewed its commitment to focus on sports seats in addition to super cars, as part of its plan Track22 business, which looks to the year 2022 in addition to vows to invest 20 to 25 percent of turnover in R & D for products in addition to technology inside the future, which will represents £ 1000000000 investment over six years in addition to lead to the launch of 15 all-fresh car or derivatives.

at least half of those fresh cars will have hybrid technology by 2022, generating full wattage inside the prototype inside the early stages of development. McClaren says he will assess This particular for possible use inside the future generation of car series at the end of the day, such as P1.

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Source: McLaren calls for fast Brexit decision after record sales

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