Mazda reveals brand new comfort-focused electronic chassis system

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Source : Mazda reveals brand new comfort-focused electronic chassis system

Mazda will be the Discharge of the brand new technology, named “G-Vectoring Control”, in which year. the idea’s part of the philosophy of the brand new Mazda: “Priority for comfort over long distances to give”


Mazda has revealed a brand new electronic structure help system, which puts an emphasis on stability in addition to comfort for long distances, rather than focusing on the processing prowess Frank 19459006 ]

so-called “G-Vectoring control” (GVC) will be issued later in which year, in addition to is usually part of a much larger strategy in which will be rolled out Mazda from the coming years. Dubbed the “Jinba Ittai”, a Japanese term in which roughly translates as “jockey in addition to horse as one Centeng.” in addition to so the idea will be Mazda’s emphasis on significantly reduce driver fatigue in addition to stress.

used GVC modest modifications in output engine torque, in addition to put extra weight on the contact patch of the front wheels. in which allows the driver to steer around the corners at a constant speed with the need for greatly reduced for several corrections leadership. The system also helps reduce the lateral forces on the passengers while driving on the roughest of road surfaces.


Mazda engineers in which the brand new philosophy will extend to maximize the comfort of the driver in addition to reduce muscle strain in which can result by weak leadership position in addition to loading unexpectedly on the Centeng while driving on winding roads.

Mazda future will not only get the GVC set-up, yet also a brand new, generously match the front seats are designed to more established passenger contract in addition to reduce the pressure on the Centeng of the passenger points.

brand new designs also get positions in which “allows for a comfortable movement for each joint from the Centeng leads in addition to pedal sites in which promise engineers Mazda will be ‘close to the ideal for all sizes of driver”

, of the research center in addition to the German development Mazda, Frederick Hartnick said: “the idea’s basic human nature to want to reduce the physical effort in addition to maintain balance.

” humans a sense of roll in addition to pitch movement of vehicles through their eyes in addition to forces G- through the Centeng. Not the old Mazda seats occupied site has been set firmly against the bolsters, so the occupant could face sudden movement by the sudden contact with the support. “

passenger bodies” ran in which modest, violence, in addition to movements in which are straining the muscle groups, especially the major muscles from the side of the neck, which helps to support the chairman, in addition to in which leads to stress in addition to fatigue of the driver.

whole philosophy to reduce the amount of driver effort on the steering wheel, in addition to support properly the driver in addition to improve driving position in addition to the lines of sight of your vehicle in addition to greatly reduce the amount of loading unexpected shock on the Centeng of the driver will become the central Engineering Mazda in addition to policy design.

Sun engineers Mazda admitted to Autocar in which the company reject the idea in which improving driving dynamics inevitably means increasing lightness of the general movement from your vehicle, “We can not be representing our cars on what is usually base modest clients [whowantssportsadjustthestructureExperiencedrivingmorerelaxeddriverfreesthemindandwillmakeitmoreenjoyabledrive”


Mazda sources in which a brand new philosophy for maximum driver comfort in addition to more progress in addition to effort dramatically reduce fatigue during long trips are more in. In line with the shift from the global taste, is usually seen from the rapid expansion of the trends for the treatments, “wellness” in addition to “human-centered” the luxury of a personal

GVC – how the idea works

suffered Vectoring control G on each of the stream Mazda 3 in addition to Mazda 6 from the course of testing from the Paris suburbs. Mazda engineers say the longer-term strategy is usually to expand the automotive engineering in which “a smooth transition between the different G- forces generated by braking, turning in addition to accelerating.”

instead of using a torque classic vectoring such as braking individual wheels to encourage car of the rotation techniques, for example, more turns lightly to bend, in addition to GVC Mazda uses modest modifications from the output torque of the engine to the “optimism load perpendicular to the contact patch the air from the tires. ”

using only the information by the steering in addition to vehicle speed angle, control software GVC can reduce the amount of torque belong delivered to the wheels by engine

Although the prescribed limit by engineers Mazda spokesman ‘trivial – to reduce the maximum 30 Nm’., in which overload of just 5KG on each tire enough to make vehicle tracking much more accurately, mostly thanks to a more efficient use of the contact patch from the tire.

Mazda says the idea is usually only because the combustion processes from the SkyActive engines as’ so accurate “in which these minor modifications torque possible. Showed experiments with the previous generation of Mazda engines in which was accurate rotational difference impossible torque

According to the company, thanks to the GVC, “your vehicle is usually moving more accurately, intended driver, which reduces the need to guide the corrections – many of which are made unconsciously. More the driver feels at one with your vehicle in addition to more confident because your vehicle followed him or her intended line specifically. is usually reduced fatigue accumulated from the long-haul flights in addition to a smooth transition between the G- forces acting on the occupants of the vehicle limit of the trunk to swing, in addition to improve the appearance ride in addition to passenger comfort.

In fact, the effect is usually so subtle in which the idea was necessary to convert often GVC on in addition to off during a test drive to get any sense of effectiveness. However, the information technologies do not lie. Like all drivers, we used to take several steering corrections in which we do not realize how often in addition to how extreme they are.


in addition to the effects of relativity with GVC activate the number in addition to extent of my steering corrections have been greatly reduced though I was driving in a “straight line” a. Over the two-hour trip across the country, the idea might be obvious significant decline in physical in addition to mental effort required to keep your vehicle running smoothly decent pace.

from the long turn, the system also greatly reduces the accumulation of in which type of side in which drives passengers to one side of the seat in addition to the driver is usually forced to prepare himself against the center tunnel or herself steering wheel forces.

Perhaps the only downside is usually in which Mazda’s GVC skillfully such in which the idea will take a long experience in car set-up equipped to appreciate its value. Still, the brand new philosophy of the Mazda is usually very seductive.

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Source: Mazda reveals brand new comfort-focused electronic chassis system

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