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Source : Mazda MX-5 long-term review – updated

We’re running the latest iteration of the entire world’s best-selling two-seater roadster to see if that will’s still got what’s made the Mazda MX-5 so well-liked


that will’s 25 years since the original Mazda MX-5 went on sale inside UK. In that will time, not only has that will become the best-selling two-seat roadster in history although that will’s also won huge acclaim with motoring journalists along with also enthusiasts alike.

So if you’re tasked with creating the completely new type, do you start coming from scratch or do you build upon what you’ve already got? Mazda has done a bit of both.

This particular fourth-generation car can be all-completely new although still very much an MX-5. that will gets a brand completely new rear-wheel drive chassis along with also a choice of two completely new petrol engines: the 2.0-litre unit that will we’re running along with also a less powerful although still fun 1.5. although that will’s still got the all-important MX-5 DNA.

MX-5 programme manager Nobuhiro Yamamoto told us there are several key characteristics that will make up an MX-5: rear-wheel drive using a front-mid engine structure, 50/50 weight distribution, minimal ‘yaw inertia’ (how quickly that will modifications direction), a low kerb weight along with also affordability. This particular completely new type, he said, excels in each area.

For me, the two traits that will are most impressive are the low kerb weight along with also the continued affordability. As cars get safer, faster along with also more high-tech, the tendency has been for them to get bigger, heavier along with also more expensive. The MX-5 totally bucks the trend. that will’s shorter than any MX-5 that will’s gone before, that will weighs just over a tonne thanks to some clever weight-saving techniques along with also that will starts at just £18,495, which can be astonishingly Great value for something This particular capable.

You’ll notice that will our car has come in at nearly £3000 over that will starting cost. that will’s mostly because we’ve gone for the more powerful 2.0-litre type, which isn’t available in entry-level SE trim. We’ve actually chosen SE-L Nav trim — adding £1350 to the starting cost — which comes with the touchscreen infotainment system coming from the Mazda 3, sat-nav, climate control, cruise control, DAB, Bluetooth along with also two speakers inside driver’s headrest.

Upgrading to the 2.0-litre type can be a further £850, although that will’s well worth that will, because you get not only improved upon performance although also a limited-slip differential along with also front strut brace as standard. The final thing we added can be Soul Red metallic paint, a £660 option that will looks fantastic. along with also speaking of looks, Mazda’s ‘Kodo’ design language definitely suits a two-seat roadster. that will’s aggressive along with also futuristic although still clearly an MX-5. that will’ll win a lot of fans.

As mentioned, This particular generation of MX-5 can be the shortest yet, although you wouldn’t know that will coming from the cabin. There’s still plenty of room For two main adults along with also the driving position can be great. You sit low down along with also the pedals, gearlever along with also steering wheel are all where you would certainly want them to be. that will’s a shame the wheel doesn’t adjust for reach, although that will hasn’t stopped us getting comfortable.

The cabin can be also the classiest yet. The materials are much higher in quality than those of the previous car. that will’s true that will the German manufacturers don’t need to feel threatened, although then that will can be significantly cheaper than an Audi TT or a BMW Z4, so we shouldn’t grumble.

One of the best touches can be the folding roof. that will’s lighter than before along with also can still be operated one-handed. that will drops in just several seconds along with also can be remarkably easy to use. that will’s also pretty Great at keeping out road noise when in place, although I wish to have that will down as much as possible.

today to practicality. The boot can be 20 litres smaller than the one that will went before that will, although I’m assured that will’s a better shape along with also therefore more usable. lf reports are to be believed that will snapper Luc was able to get all his camera gear in that will, I shouldn’t have any issues fitting a couple of weekend bags in there.

Right, so today we know all about that will, here’s the important bit: what’s that will like to drive? Well, all the reports you’ve read so far are true. This particular definitely can be a fun car. that will’s not remarkably fast, although the level of enjoyment that will offers can be hard to beat. that will steers along with also handles beautifully along with also the gearbox can be fantastic.

My commute won’t do This particular car justice, so I’m already planning weekends away to get the most out of that will. that will’s if I can hold on to the keys for long enough. inside Autocar office, a high percentage of people have owned an older MX-5, so we might have to come up using a booking system for weekends.

can be there anything negative to report so far? I could pine for a steering wheel that will adjusts for reach, although that will would certainly be me being just a bit too sensible. 

Update – 10 December 2015

today that will the temperature has dropped, we’ve decided to put winter tyres on the MX-5.

A reader recommended Tyres on the Drive, a service that will does as the name suggests along with also comes to your home or office to repair punctures or replace tyres.

The MX-5 was originally on Bridgestone Potenzas, although those have been swapped for Bridgestone Blizzak run-flat winter tyres. I’ll report back on how the winter tyres have affected the MX-5’s handling along with also braking, although I can report that will everything with Tyres on the Drive went off without a hitch. A van-based mobile workshop arrived along with also changed the tyres in about 0 minutes without any hassle.

Mazda MX-5 2.0i SE-L Nav

cost £20,695

cost as tested £21,355

Options Soul Red metallic paint £660

Economy 40.9mpg

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Source: Mazda MX-5 long-term review – updated

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