Mazda CX-4 teased ahead of Beijing motor show

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Source : Mazda CX-4 teased ahead of Beijing motor show

Mazda CX-4 teaser crossover inspired by the concept of Koeru scheduled to be made for initially next month. Expects to sell in 2017


Mazda has previewed the next crossover CX-4 using a teaser image of one before the global car revealed at the Beijing show in April.

completely new can be expected style to take effect by concept Koeru Cross Coupe of Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 (as shown below), along with will sit between CX-3 along with CX-5 Mazda SUV.

can be seen effect Koeru car within the left rear corner detection, which refers to the concept along with has been coupe roof line along using a slim glasshouse production. style

car will share more of its underpinnings with the CX-5; This particular can be required to contain the same wheels along with the total length of the base almost identical. This particular can be likely in which This particular will also share some of the powertrain along with the CX-5 options, which include a four-cylinder turbo diesel along with gasoline engines in frone along with four-wheel drive formats.

rumors in which your vehicle will get the structure of a different label for the rest of the CX range due to the different design show may soften with This particular latest style, which Mazda refers to your vehicle such as the CX-4.

Although we are some way off by knowing what will cost the completely new style, due to its location within the Mazda line-up, along with This particular can be starting figure of about £ 20,000 to £ 21,000 This particular seems realistic. This particular can be what puts the CX-4 within the worlds of completely new Q2 Audi In addition to the higher specced- Renault Kadjar image.

while the CX-4 will be introduced next month, This particular’s not scheduled to go on sale until 2017. Mazda has not confirmed yet whether This particular style will be sold within the United Kingdom.

along with CX-4 up as part of the renewal of the range Mazda recently, as has the use of completely new along with expanded design language line-up to enhance annual sales by 127,000 to more than 220,000 in Europe in just three years.

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Source: Mazda CX-4 teased ahead of Beijing motor show

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