Mazda 6 introduces G-Vectoring Control tech

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Source : Mazda 6 introduces G-Vectoring Control tech

Mazda 6 GVC aims to reduce driver stress in addition to fatigue over long distances by modulating the torque to the front wheels


The Mazda 6 offers a brand new technology for the company G-Vectoring control updated for the group from the fall of This specific year.

brand new feature is usually the first of a brand new series of innovations in addition to called Skyactiv dynamics of a vehicle, which is usually designed to reduce stress in addition to fatigue on long-haul drivers. Will be a standard feature on all versions MAZDA6 saloon in addition to estate tourer, the item will be circulated from the rest of the Mazda Group as versions are updated or replaced.

works G-Vectoring control by modulating the engine torque to put extra weight on the patches connect the front wheels, which allows drivers to steer through corners without generating many smaller corrections. the item also reduces the need for such a smaller these corrections on a straight road.

Although imperceptible to the driver at any one moment, reducing the effort required to maintain guidelines in addition to focus, as well as a reduction on the head in addition to Centeng forces due to excessive movement of vehicles, reduces the effect of long-term driver.

we tried to control G-Vectoring earlier This specific year , I found in which the evidence on the existence of a more relaxed in addition to convincing the overall experience.

additional modifications to the Mazda 6 group include two modifications to the 2.2-liter diesel engine . Transient Control gives a more positive contribution to the throttle, while the smooth natural sound technology reduces diesel knock during operation in addition to accelerate the low-speed start. NSS works by suppressing the ringing of the piston in addition to connecting rod, using a dynamic damper inside the piston pin.

has been upgraded sound insulation throughout the entire vehicle, by improving door seals in addition to gaps plate, voted the best materials in addition to drug plating on the front side windows.

a brand new paint scheme gray metallic machine takes the colors available for eight, in addition to inside the Mazda 6 gets a brand new leather steering wheel. is usually heated wheel SportNav versions occupies the first place among the group, which also get enhanced head-up display, with recognition of the traffic recording technique, which adjusts when the transfer electric seats.

mobility SE-L versions today have side mirrors are auto-folding as standard, in addition to has added functionality to identify pedestrians to Smart City Brake Support system, which helps to avoid low-speed collisions.

pricing range Mazda 6 has not changed, in addition to starts at £ OTR 19,795.

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Source: Mazda 6 introduces G-Vectoring Control tech

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