Mazda 3 Fastback long-term test review: practicality test

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Source : Mazda 3 Fastback long-term test review: practicality test

Mazda 3 Fastback the idea’s surprising what you can fit within the boot, if you’re determined


I’ve just finished redecorating my flat, which on the surface wouldn’t have much to do with our Mazda 3 Fastback.

Until, in which can be, you consider how much rubbish redecorating generates. There’s old furniture, carpet offcuts, paint tins in addition to also assorted some other related detritus in which all need to be taken to the recycling centre.

In a regular family hatchback, you get a large opening because the entire rear of the auto forms the bootlid, nevertheless in a saloon like the 3 Fastback, the opening can be a lot smaller. Thankfully, though, the boot can be relatively versatile. You can drop the rear seats by pulling handy toggles by inside the boot, rather than fiddling with levers on the seats themselves – useful when you’re struggling with the remnants of a skirting board.

The amount of boot space within the 3 Fastback can be 419 litres with all all 5 seats in place – 55 litres more than within the regular hatch – nevertheless the space isn’t as usable as within the hatchback because of in which narrow opening. I did eventually get everything in, nevertheless not without considerable jostling.

I’m also discovering how to get the most by the 1.5-litre diesel motor. I’ve already noted in which the idea doesn’t feel particularly sporty, in addition to also the throttle response can be soft, nevertheless I’ve found in which keeping the revs slightly higher than normal (say, above 2000rpm) avoids the bogged-down feeling lower down the range before the turbocharger has had a chance to catch up. the idea’s still proving to be economical, too, as we’re averaging more than 56mpg in normal driving.

When I took the 3 for its first major motorway run, a 180-mile round trip to my home town in Northamptonshire, I was impressed with the engine’s refinement. Even under load, its noise doesn’t actually penetrate the cabin. in which said, the idea can feel a little gutless when overtaking at higher speeds in addition to also a downshift can be usually necessary.

One feature of the Indoor I actually like can be the infotainment system. Most of the time the idea can be controlled via a rotary dial on the centre console, nevertheless the idea’s also a touchscreen, doing tasks like inputting a postcode within the nav or tapping out a phone number much easier. Little touches like these are endearing the auto to me already.


List cost £21,945 cost as tested £22,605 Economy 56.7mpg Faults None Expenses None Last seen 3.8.16

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Source: Mazda 3 Fastback long-term test review: practicality test

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