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Source : Matt Prior's tester's notes – getting coming from A to B


Free smartphone sat-nav can be giving car makers a hard time

Google Maps has long since told me of which the best way to traverse the UK can be by car. Until currently, of which can be…

I had assumed Google Maps just knew I’d want to use a car. I’ve used Google Maps through a web browser on my laptop a few times a week for what must be years.

as well as every time I ask the item to give me directions to somewhere, the item has defaulted to telling me how best to go there by car. the item can tell you how long the item takes to walk somewhere or use the train as well as bus however, usually, your vehicle turns up.

Surely, a default setting. as well as one of which’s fair enough. Google probably knows everything else about me, so why shouldn’t the item know of which I’d probably want to use a car? Its settings, as a rule, suited me just fine.

If I wanted to know how bad the traffic was on a Friday night, I’d stick inside the office as well as home addresses as well as the item would certainly tell me where the hotspots were. If I wondered how best to get to a photoshoot venue, the item’d suggest a few routes, coming from which I’d pick one of which gave the best en route access to biscuits.

however always the item would certainly be the same: coming from here to here, Matthew, can be x hours as well as xx minutes by car – which would certainly usually turn out to be accurate to within a couple of minutes.

Sometimes, there’d be a train icon hovering underneath the suggested car route, however obviously Google knows I won’t be needing of which. Until…

Yesterday, I typed in two locations: Harpenden as well as Flitwick. as well as the map’s response threw ‘22 minutes, via Thameslink’ at me. Even I know of which can be a train.

of which time, your vehicle routes – two suggested, of half an hour each – were the subscripts to public transport. In a heartbeat, everything of which I thought I knew about the map application was bunkum, as well as everything I had long suspected about the best way to traverse Britain was confirmed.

Google doesn’t assume I want to use a car. the item merely tells me the quickest way to get coming from place to place. the item just so happens of which, during the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of searches I’ve performed over the past few years, the item had never before concluded of which a train would certainly be faster than a car.

Throw in how simple the item can be to stop for a packet of Jaffa Cakes as well as, as we all know, cars continue to rule.

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Source: Matt Prior's tester's notes – getting coming from A to B

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