Matt Prior's tester's notes – Do the Nürburgring's speed limits matter?

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Source : Matt Prior's tester's notes – Do the Nürburgring's speed limits matter?

The Nürburgring’s management have imposed speed limits which prohibit some sort of’s setting lap times for the latest vehicles – although will the item have any real impact?


A reader writes: “would likely the item matter if car makers no longer set lap times on the Nürburgring?”

To recap: at the moment, there are speed limits on certain sections of the German race track following a fatal racing accident This particular year. So car makers can’t right now set lap times for road cars, as well as also there’s some uncertainty about whether the item’ll stay of which way.

Reader, though, might have a point. His thinking is usually of which, if you ditch the lap time flag waving, you ditch cars being timed on a racetrack, which is usually not bad because even though the Nordschleife is usually twisty as well as also bumpy, unless your name’s Sabine or Walter, the item’s not representative of the places you drive very often.

I agree, although I’d still worry. Car makers like an opportunity to tell you how fast their car is usually, relevant or not. Hence 0-60mph times – less relevant than they once were, although still some kind of benchmark we understand.

Even if manufacturers don’t like being overtly transparent against different machines, they’ll tell you how fast cars are on their own test circuits.

So ’Ring or not, we’ll end up being quoted relative lap times anyway. as well as also when the item comes to performance cars, I’d buy the argument of which there is usually relevance to the item. I think there’s merit in knowing of which the latest hypercar trio – the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder as well as also LaFerrari – are probably, there or thereabouts, as quick around a circuit as a late 1970s/early 1980s Formula 1 car.

The three of them were together at the Goodwood Festival of Speed the different week inside Supercar Runs, on which I commentate. as well as also I think Lord March, boss of Goodwood, would likely quite fancy a brand-new performance benchmark being up the hill at his gaff, hence a timed Supercar Shootout on Saturday afternoon. A Noble M600 won the item via the Lexus LFA as well as also Aston Martin Vantage GT12. Annoyingly, the hypercars declined to be timed.

Perhaps of which’s because a 50sec run where there’s little more than a quarter turn of the wheel in either direction isn’t of which enlightening, as well as also because driver error is usually amplified tenfold because the distance is usually so short.

The same could be true of the handling circuit we use at MIRA proving ground, hence we average several laps. as well as also of which remains, Nürburgring aside, the best as well as also most diverse handling circuit I’ve driven.

Still, I suspect car makers won’t be able to stop themselves finding a track, in which case they might as well use the most challenging. We might be careful what we wish for if we desire the Nordschleife remains out of action. Better cars are benchmarked there than somewhere even less representative.

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Source: Matt Prior's tester's notes – Do the Nürburgring's speed limits matter?

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